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Sighting reports of Bigfoot from this Canadian Province
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(Ontario Sasquatch) Ontario Sightings

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OS Report #56-77 Northwest Region Kenora District

Witness Report - Date submitted: 2001 to Central Alberta Sasquatch______

Report Type: Sighting

Date of Incident: August 1977 (he believes it was the second or third weekend in the month)
Season: Summer
Time of Day: Early Morning (estimated 6:00-6:30 am)
Weather Conditions: Clear and cool

Location: At secret fishing spot on Bearskin Lake

Description of Incident & Investigation Report_______________________

Investigated by: Sean Viala, Central Alberta Sasquatch (now AlbertaSasquatch)

The individual and his father had risen early, packed their equipment & began the hike to his father's "secret fishing spot" on the lake.

The hike there (to the fishing location) was uneventful. Upon arrival, a bipedal form was noticed standing in the water. The individual looked to his father and said "I thought this was a secret fishing spot, why is that guy here?" When his father did not reply, he looked up at him, only to notice that he was staring at the form, not blinking or taking his eyes from it. The individual stated that his father grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him back towards the trail they had just come from. As they started back down the trail, the form moved from the water and into the cover of the forest. His father rushed him down the trail back to camp, where he (the father) immediately retrieved at rifle. The individual asked his father why they had run away from that guy back there, his father said "That wasn't a guy back there, it was a Wildman".

They finished the fishing trip at the lake without further incident, but the individual stated that his father carried his rifle everywhere with him & that he seemed to be perpetually nervous.

Activity: Standing in the water. When they retreated, it replied in kind. It made no noticeable sounds, did not act aggressively, and did not try to approach them. The witness says that he estimates they were ninety [90] to one hundred [100] feet away from it during the occurrence.

The individual could not tell if the creature was male or female. The individual also noticed that the creature seemed to sway from side to side (foot to foot) as it stood in the water, but it was not pronounced movement. When he was in his mid teens, he pestered his father about it until he finally told him why he was so nervous; his father stated that there were "old stories" about Wildmen stealing & eating children. He was worried about the creature circling around & cutting them off before he could reach camp and retrieve his rifle.

Witness Activities: Fishing

Other Witnesses: His father

Witness’s Description of Creature:_____________________________________

The individual admits that his memory of the finer points of what he saw are clouded by the passage of time. But here is the description of the "form" that he saw:

Height: Six & a half [6.5] to seven [7] feet tall, estimated.

Weight: Four hundred & fifty [450] to five hundred [500] pounds, estimated.

Gender: Could not tell


Body shape:

Hair appearance and texture: Stated that it looked shaggy, like Old Man's Beard (Spanish Moss).

Hair colour: Rust coloured hair.

Hair length: Hair on the body was long, hair on the head was scruffy, but not as long as the hair on the body.

Facial features:

Shape of head:

Shape of eyes:

Skin colour:


Feet or hands:


Stride/motion: The creature seemed to sway from side to side (foot to foot) as it stood in the water, but it was not pronounced movement.

Arm swing:

Odours: The only noticeable odor he detected was the smell of urine. His description was "like it had urinated on itself and stood in the sun for a few hours".


Conclusions: I spoke to the individual face to face and his accounting of the story was without noticeable flaw. The occurrence took place when the individual was a child, while out on a fishing trip with his father. The individual was nine [9] years old at the time. I did not investigate the report any further, as a trip to Ontario was not an option just for a location investigation.

*Note from the OS team: This report was forwarded to us by respected fellow investigator Sean Viala who has had many years of experience interviewing witnesses. We trust his judgement and feel this is a credible report.
Northwest – Kenora District – Peawanuck
Residents of native Indian reserve discover 14 inch long footprints

'Bigfoot' on the Prowl in Canadian North?
© Reuters

June 27, 2001
First there were reports of a steel-clawed “monkey-man” in India, then a 10-year-old “dog boy” in Chile, and now residents of Canada’s wilderness are reporting that “Bigfoot,” a hairy ape-man, might be on the prowl in northern Ontario, the National Post reported.

Residents of a native Indian reserve 1,000 miles north of Toronto have discovered 14-inch-long footprints, the newspaper said.

“It’s definitely not a bear,” Abraham Hunter, chief of the 260-member band, told the Post in Monday’s editions.

This is not the first Bigfoot report at the reserve. Two elders claim to have spotted the creature 20 years ago, Hunter said, and stories about it have been told for hundreds of years.

“These things happen all the time, but we’re surprised because we underestimate the power of imagination and the power of belief,” Laurence Kirmayer, director of McGill University’s division of social and transcultural psychiatry, told the paper.

Such sightings are typically cultural-specific, he said.

On June 14, a government officer with 31 years of experience also came across an odd-looking track 95 miles east of the reserve, the newspaper said.

“I couldn’t explain what it was. I naturally thought it might be Bigfoot because of the shape of it,” he told the Post.

Tales of a huge apelike creature are not unusual in Canada. In the western Rocky Mountain regions of British Columbia reports of a mysterious ape-man called sasquatch – similar to the Yeti of the Himalayas – have existed for generations.
On Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at approximately 11:00 a.m., Helen Pahpasay (37) and her mother Agnes Fobister (57) were driving in Agnes's Chevy pick-up truck slowly along the unpaved Porter Lake Road on their way to pick blueberries. As the pair came over a slight rise in the road, Helen spotted a tall lanky figure that was completely black walking on the right side of the road coming towards them. Alerting her mother to the figure, Agnes, who was driving, stopped the pick-up truck about 100 metres from the figure. Helen believed at this point that the figure became aware of them and turned into the bush on its left.

According to reports given to various media outlets, Helen stated that the figure was tall like a basketball player, approximately 8 feet in height, lanky with a cone-shaped head, and black all over. Scared, Helen and her mother returned to Grassy Narrows and alerted her brother Randy Fobister to what they had seen. After some coaxing, Randy persuaded his sister to return to the site of the encounter with him and a couple of other community members. When he arrived at the site, Randy found some footprints which he photographed and cast.
7-28-2015 3-08-18 PM.jpg
I became aware of this encounter on Friday, July 26, 2008 through an article in my local paper, the Kenora Daily Miner and News. Knowing some people that were members of the Grassy Narrows community, I immediately spoke with them to determine if they had any information pertaining to this encounter and the people involved. I was informed that Randy Fobister was on Council and I was given a number where I could reach him. After a couple of attempts, I finally spoke with Randy on Tuesday, August 4, 2008. I introduced myself as an investigator for Ontario Sasquatch Research and made arrangements to meet him at the Band Office on Friday, August 7, 2008 where Randy would then take me to the location where his sister and mother had their encounter.

I arrived at the Band Office of the Grassy Narrows First Nation at approximately 12:00 p.m. and missed Randy who had just left to go home for lunch. However, I did bump into Chief Simon Fobister who I knew and he offered to take me out to Randy’s house. After arriving, Chief Fobister introduced me to Randy who stated that he would be ready to go in half an hour’s time. I then went to Chief Fobister’s house to wait, and during this time I chatted with him and two of his sons about the sasquatch.

While Chief Fobister had never come across anything during his time hunting and trapping in the area around Grassy Narrows, both of his sons had encounters with something that was unusual. Both told me of occasions where they were out in the bush hunting, and while they did not see anything, could smell a terrible smell and the forest sounds would go silent. They also reported that they felt uneasy during these times. Being hunters most of their lives both sons are familiar with the smells of bears and other animals, and the environment of the forest. But neither could provide an explanation for these encounters.

After half an hour, I went back to Randy’s house where we agreed to meet back at the Band Office. He suggested I park my car and we would use his four-wheel drive pick-up truck to go to the site of the encounter. While at the Band Office, another member of the First Nation (name withheld but on record) told him that she and her husband had found large footprints a couple of days previous at a different location. We agreed to drive to this new location to view the footprints, and then travel to the location of where Randy’s sister and mother had their encounter.

Location One – the New Footprints

Randy, myself and another community member travelled in Randy’s four-wheel drive pick-up truck to the location of the new footprints. The community member that had told Randy of these new footprints travelled behind us with her husband and another community member in a Dodge Caravan mini-van. We travelled south down the main road into Grassy Narrows First Nation and turned left onto a logging road approximately 10 minutes south of the community.

This old logging road is still used by community members to access the Red Lake highway and to access various sites for blueberry picking and other cultural activities. It took approximately 45 minutes to arrive at the location where the new footprints were found. The location was beside a secondary dirt track that cut through the middle of a clear-cut. Once there, the community member who found the footprints a couple days previous, led us to the area where the footprint was located, in very sandy ground. Wind and a light rain the day before had made the imprint so indistinct that it could have been made by anything.

However, the community member who found it stated that it had been clear and that three distinct footprints, small, medium and large, had made up the full imprint as if two smaller creatures were following in the footprints of a larger creature. Of course, without seeing clear physical evidence to substantiate this claim, I make no judgement supporting such a conclusion; I saw an imprint which could have been made by anything.

After viewing this imprint Randy and I walked through the clear-cut area with the hopes of finding additional footprints that were more distinct. However, other than some old bear prints, we did not find anything of interest relating to possible sasquatch activity. It must be noted that there was an abundance of blueberries growing in this area, which would account for the bear prints, and if a sasquatch indeed was in the area, that might account for their presence as well.
7-28-2015 3-09-37 PM.jpg
7-28-2015 3-09-37 PM.jpg (53.27 KiB) Viewed 2633 times
Travelling to Location Two

After deciding that there was no point in looking for further footprints at location one, Randy and I returned to his pick-up truck and we proceeded to drive to the location of his mother and sister’s July 22, 2008 sighting. The drive to this location normally would take approximately one hour, but Randy and I decided to stop at various locations, such as beaver ponds close to the road, to see if there was any evidence of sasquatch along the way.

During our stops we found a multitude of moose, deer and bear prints which were easily distinguishable in the dry mud. However, we did find one impression that did not fit easily into these three types of prints. For all intents and purposes, it resembled the ball and five toes of a human. However, I cannot conclude that such an impression was left by a sasquatch, as it is theoretically possible that it may be a bear print, or even that of a barefoot human, although the probability of that being the case is unlikely.
7-28-2015 3-10-20 PM.jpg
Location Two – Scene of July 22, 2008 Sighting

Randy and I arrived at the location of his mother’s and sister’s sighting at approximately 6:30 pm. Randy was able to pinpoint where his mother and sister were in their pick-up truck when the sasquatch was first seen. Randy also showed me where the sasquatch stepped into the bush when it became aware that it was being observed.

After I took a few photographs from the point of view of the witnesses, Randy took me to the area where the sasquatch went into the bush. I was informed by Randy that after coming back to the location shortly after the sighting, he and a couple of other community members tracked the path the sasquatch took after going into the bush. Randy stated that the sasquatch went approximately 150 feet to the grassy banks of a small river that runs through the area, and then followed the river for approximately 300 feet before going back onto the road.
7-28-2015 3-11-12 PM.jpg
Randy informed me that at the place where the sasquatch allegedly came back onto the road, it must have lingered and stripped berries off a tree to eat. Randy arrived at this conclusion because he found a footprint and broken stalks and berries within this footprint. I was able to photograph this footprint and was impressed by the depth that it sank into the ground. The ground at this location was covered with tall grass and generally would not have been conducive at that time to humans leaving footprints. And I did note that neither Randy nor I left an impression.

In checking the weather conditions for the Kenora area at Environment Canada’s website, I determined that between July 22, 2008 and the day of my visit on August 7, 2008, there had been three days with significant rainfall, the most rain (23.8 millimeters) falling on July 31, 2008. In addition, on July 20, 2008, two days before the sighting, there had been 27.4 millimeters of rainfall. It is evident that the ground where the footprint was found was likely still wet from two days previous thereby allowing an impression to be made either by a sasquatch or a human to the depth that was found on August 7, 2008. There is also a possibility that the footprint was made after July 31, 2008, either intentionally or accidentally, when the story of the sasquatch sighting circulated around the community.

However, given Randy’s character, the fact that he found the footprint the day of the sighting, and that the location of the footprint was in the bush a short distance away in an area that no one would generally be walking, I am confident that the footprint (Fig. 15 and Fig. 16 below) is likely made by the sasquatch sighted by his mother and sister.
7-28-2015 3-11-55 PM.jpg
In investigating the surrounding area, Randy showed me a young sapling that had “breaks” made onto it. Randy stated that he found these a few days after the sighting. I believe it likely that these “breaks” were man-made, since Randy found them a number of days after the sighting had become common knowledge in the community which precipitated an influx of curious community members to the area. It is certainly within reason to believe that such “breaks” could have been made by a community member as a prank.
7-28-2015 3-12-30 PM.jpg
Randy then showed me the footprint that he made a cast from and which figured prominently in most of the newspaper articles written about the sighting. When I saw the footprint, it was washed out and barely visible in the ground, so I could not make any determinations one way or the other. A photo of the track (Fig. 19) appeared in several newspapers as "6-toed track".

However I was able to examine the cast made from the track. I photographed and measured it as well. After examining both the photo and the cast (Fig. 20 and Fig. 21), I believe it's most likely a bear overstep.
7-28-2015 3-13-04 PM.jpg
7-28-2015 3-13-52 PM.jpg

Additional Notes from the OSR team:

We believe that the sighting is a legitimate one. However, the "6-toed track" that Randy Fobister found near the sighting location, then photographed and cast, may not be a sasquatch track. Sometimes bear overstep tracks can look deceivingly like overlarge human-type tracks. Even seasoned outdoorsmen can make this innocent mistake. Compare the photo above at left (Fig. 22), a bear overstep track, with the track that Randy Fobister found and cast (Fig. 23). The similarities between the two are striking.

We also question whether the track actually has six toes. Bears, like humans and sasquatch, have five toes. When you examine the photograph carefully, the second and third toe impressions appear to be less defined than the two smallest toe prints. It's possible that the animal's toes were splayed or separated more than usual as its weight came down on the foot. That, combined with natural irregularities in the soil, could give the impression of more toes than there really were.
Northwest – Thunder Bay District - Near Geraldton

Man sees creature in nearby bush

"Was It a Sasquatch?"
Niagara Falls Review

Tuesday, October 10, 1978
Geraldton, Ont. (CP) – Randy Corcoran says he will never return to a nearby bush where he recently saw a creature he believes was a sasquatch.

Corcoran, 18, said Friday that he was hiking alone in the woods two weeks ago when he saw an animal about 2.2 meters tall, covered with long, reddish-brown hair.

After walking nearly a kilometer along the trail, he heard a noise in the bush and took cover behind a rock, he said in an interview in this community 270 kilometers west of Thunder Bay.

“At first I thought it was a bear or a moose making all that noise, so I hid,” he said. “And when I saw it I sure didn’t want it to see me.”

Corcoran said the human-like animal, which he said had a long face, crossed the trail about 140 meters from him.

“I stayed behind that rock an hour after it had gone, shaking all the time.”

“It doesn’t matter what people say, I don’t care. I saw it. I don’t know if it was a Sasquatch or what, but I saw it.”


This article appeared in the Niagara Falls Review in 1978
Hwy 17, South end of Lake Superior Provincial Park SIGHTING REPORT

Creature seen at side of hwy

Witness Report - Date submitted: Sunday, February 14, 2010 11:20 PM______

Report Type: Sighting

Date of Incident: Feb. 13, 2010
Season: Winter
Time of Day: 10-10:30 pm EST
Weather Conditions: Clear. After dark.

Duration of Incident: 10 to 12 seconds

Location: hwy 17, lake superior provincal park, 47 15.870N, 84 33.795W
i was heading south bound towards the soo on hwy 17 passing through lake superior provincal park almost out of it on the bottom end

Location Description: Mixed bush, average evergreen, and small hardwood.

Nearest Town: sault ste marie
Nearest Road: hwy 17

Description of Incident__________________________________________

i was heading south on hwy 17 towards the soo i had just turned my high beams back on after the north bound car passed and i looked to the right at first i thought it was a moose because of the height so i had started to slow down just in case it was and it started for the road then i got a look and realized it wasnt thats when i figured it wasnt at this point i was almost past it it was roughly a quick guess bout 20-30 yards out from the tree line

Witness Activities: Driving a transport at night

Other Witnesses: one possibley the truck driver behind me i asked him if he seen that over the cb radio and he said wasnt sure wat he saw

Subject Description: roughly 7' give or take a couple inches dark coloured maybe deep brown or black long arms longer than normal looked like it was heavly built and sturdy high cranium that is the best i can do considering i was driving

Investigation Report____________________________________________________

Investigated by: Peter Smith

The witness is a long-haul truck driver. On Feb. 13, 2010, he was driving his semi southbound on Hwy 17 heading towards Sault Ste. Marie. At approximately 10 to 10:30 pm, he was traveling through the south end of Lake Superior Provincial Park. He turned his hi-beams back on after a northbound car passed. To his right, he thought he saw a moose approximately 20 to 30 yards out from the tree-line, facing the road, so he slowed down. As he got closer, he realized that it wasn't a moose. At that point he was almost past the creature.

The witness said the creature was standing still, (on two legs), when he first saw it, then it started to move towards the road. He got the impression that it had stopped to watch the trucks. When asked if the creature noticed him, the witness replied that no reaction was observed, because he was past it quickly.

He described it as having long arms, longer than normal. It looked like it was heavily built and sturdy. It had a high cranium. The witness could not see any breasts, (in the semi dark). He said there was "no question that it was a Sasquatch". The witness called the truck driver that was following him on his CB radio to ask if he'd seen it, and the trucker replied that he wasn't sure what he saw.

There was no moon on 13 Feb. 2010, so the only light was from the periphery of the truck’s high beams. The witness said that the animal was in clear sight. The night was clear, and the creature was set against a backdrop of snow.

The area is remote, except for the highway, with an abandoned gas station/restaurant, (typical highway stop), several miles to the south. There is no other human activity or presence for miles in either direction.

Just north of the sighting area, there is a small lake, Kenny Lake, on the east side of the highway, and a stream on the west side. Vegetation in the area is mixed bush, evergreen, and small hardwood, typical of Northern Ontario second growth forest.

There have been other sightings within several miles of this location.

The witness has not made contact with anyone, except he did tell his girlfriend, who laughed.

Witness’s Description of Creature:

Height: About 7 ft

Weight: [no estimate given]

Gender: No breasts observed.

Build: It looked like it was heavily built and sturdy.

Body shape: [see above]

Hair appearance and texture: It was too dark , and too brief, for detail

Hair colour: Dark coloured maybe deep brown or black

Hair length:

Facial features:

Shape of head: A high cranium. That is the best I can do, considering I was driving.

Shape of eyes:

Skin colour:

Limbs: Long arms, longer than normal.

Feet or hands:

Posture: Upright, on two legs

Stride/motion: Sighting too brief.

Arm swing: It was too dark, and too brief, for detail



Conclusions: The witness was quite lucid in his account, (as brief as it was), and did not embellish any detail. I was impressed with the amount of detail that he was able to observe in the several seconds it took him to drive by. The witness stated that the animal was in clear view about 20 to 30 yards from the tree-line.


I sent the witness several photos along the highway of the area in question, using GE Street View. He remembered seeing Crescent Lake sign, and said it was ½ to ¾ of a mile south of this location. The attached photo of the highway [Fig. 2] is as near as I can determine to be the exact location.
7-28-2015 3-21-09 PM.jpg
7-28-2015 3-21-20 PM.jpg
On Spine Rd. near Elliot Lake SIGHTING REPORT

Driver sees creature cross road.

Witness Report _________________________________________

Type of Report: Sighting

Date of Incident: 2004
Season: Summer
Time of Day: Between 10 and 11 pm. (Between 2200 and 2300 hrs.)
Weather Conditions: It was very clear, no fog.

Duration of Incident: 2 to 3 seconds

Location: On Spine Rd. near Elliot Lake

Location Description: Very wooded area however, quite within the city limits. Populated area. Nearby sand pit, dense forest. Small lake (Elliot Lake) is nearby. Actual sighting took place on road. Hemlock, pine and birch, as well as dead trees. Bears, wolves, raccoons deer

Nearest Town: Elliot Lake
Nearest Road: Spine Rd/Hwy 108

Description of Incident_______________________________________

Large man-like creature lumbering across the road into the bush heading to the beach.

Witness Activities: Driving home, late at night, approx. 11 PM.

Other Witnesses: None

Subject Description: Large, 7-8 ft tall. Lumbering gate. Shadowed in the moonlight.

Investigation Report____________________________________________________

Investigated by: Matt Mizzi

I interviewed the witness in person on May 26th, 2007. During the hour long meeting, he described a road crossing encounter with a large lumbering creature.

The incident happened in the summer of 2004 on Spine Road within the city limits of the town of Elliot Lake. Approximately 400 feet to the east if the sighting location is a water treatment facility, with a community of 13,000 people approximately 500 feet to the south and east, and a hospital roughly 1200 feet to the east. A sand pit is located south of the road and sighting location, and a small lake which is Elliot Lake, the town’s namesake, is located about 400 feet to the north.

The witness explained that at this point along the road there is dense forest which surrounds the sand pit and goes straight from the lake to the community south of the sighting location. This forest includes hemlock, pine and birch, as well as dead trees, and is a densely wooded area.

The witness, a 38 year old male, was driving home at night between 10 and 11 pm, westbound along Spine Road. It was a very clear summer night with no fog and no clouds present. He was driving a van, going approximately 60 km/hr at the time. He had just descended to the bottom of a large hill. He bent to pick something up in the van, and when he looked up he saw a creature crossing the road in front of him. It was about 15 feet away. It crossed the road in about two strides, and walked straight across the road with no pauses, heading into the beach area. The duration of the sighting was about 2 to 3 seconds.

He stated it was walking across the road very quickly, and described the arm swing as if the subject was clawing at the air. It appeared as if it was walking like an ape, but not on its hands.

The witness did not see the creature’s face. It did not turn towards him. He had the impression that the creature felt startled that he saw it, although the witness did not see the face.

He described the creature as being between 7 and 8 feet tall, and about 300 to 350 lbs. The hair was a dark red or auburn. Wispy, not matted. He felt there was not enough light to see the hair length, but estimated it was between 3 and 7 inches long. The witness stated it looked like it had a big chest and a big stomach, but did not appear fat. It was more similar to a wrestler in build. He also stated it was similar to an overweight person.

It’s posture was slightly hunched as it walked. It’s arms looked lanky, and came down to mid thigh, just above the knee as it walked in this hunched position. There was a very noticeable arm swing, and it was walking very quickly, almost hopping.

Witness’s Description of Creature:

Height: Between 7 and 8 ft. tall

Weight: 300 to 350 lbs.

Gender: Male

Build: It was more similar to a wrestler in build. He also stated it was similar to an overweight person.

Body shape: it looked like it had a big chest and a big stomach, but did not appear fat.

Hair appearance and texture: Wispy, not matted

Hair colour: dark red or auburn

Hair length: estimated it was between 3 and 7 inches long

Facial features: N/A did not see the creature’s face. It did not turn towards him.

Shape of head:

Shape of eyes:

Skin colour:

Limbs: arms looked lanky, and came down to mid thigh, just above the knee as it walked in this hunched position

Feet or hands:

Posture: slightly hunched as it walked

Stride/motion: it was walking across the road very quickly, almost hopping. It appeared as if it was walking like an ape, but not on its hands.

Arm swing: There was a very noticeable arm swing, arm swing was as if the subject was clawing at the air



Conclusions: The witness was in his van the entire time. He stated that he was in disbelief, and he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. He did not stop or leave the van during the incident. He did slow down, but kept driving. There was no one else in the car, and there were no other drivers on the road.

The witness did not report the incident to anyone in authority at the time. But he recently watched a documentary about these creatures, which prompted him to tell his wife (who thought he was an idiot), and to then submit a report.

During my interview with the witness, I never felt that he was being dishonest at any point in time. I felt the witness truly believes he saw what he saw. It should be noted that the witness holds a position of trust within his community.

The witness also has outdoors experience, and can accurately identify a known animal. He stated that he has never seen anything like this before and he has spent a lot of time in the bush. He is sure it was neither a bear nor a man.

Due to the relative closeness of the subject and the witness, I feel that this incident cannot be explained away as another known creature. However, I cannot say for certain what this was, as there is no other supporting documentation or evidence, and I was not there.


Images: Witness drawn map of location
7-28-2015 3-27-01 PM.jpg
Northeast - Timiskaming District - Near Cobalt

Prospectors See "Yellow Top"
North Bay Nugget

Friday July 27, 1923
Cobalt – Mr. J.A. MacAuley and Mr. Lorne Wilson claim they have seen the Precambrian Shield Man while working on their mining claims North and East of the Wettlaufer Mine near Cobalt. This is the second time in seventeen years that a hairy apelike creature nicknamed “Yellow Top” because of a light-coloured “mane” has been seen in the district.

The two prospectors said they were taking test samples from their … property when they saw what looked like a bear picking at a blueberry patch. Mr. Wilson said he threw a stone at the creature.

“It kind of stood up and growled at us. Then it ran away. It sure was like no bear that I have ever seen. Its head was kind of yellow and the rest of it was black like a bear, all covered with hair.”

The first report of the creature was made in September, 1906, by a group of men building the head frame at the Violet Mine, east of Cobalt. It has not been seen since that time.

From the book Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us by John Green
Northeast - Timiskaming District - Near Cobalt mines

Bus Driver Startled by Dark Form
North Bay Nugget

Wednesday, August 05, 1970
Cobalt – Twenty-seven miners on their way to work the graveyard shift at Cobalt Lode could have lost their lives when the bus which they were riding went out of control and almost plunged down a nearby rock cut. But driver Aimee Latreille, who has been doing the route for the past four months, said he was startled by a dark form which walked across the road in front of him.

“At first I thought it was a big bear. But then it turned to face the headlights and I could see some light hair, almost down to the shoulders. It couldn’t have been a bear.”

Although no one was hurt, Mr. Latreille said he did not know if he would continue to drive the bus. “I have heard of this thing before but never believed it. Now I am sure.”

One of the miners at the front of the bus said he just caught a brief glance of the creature. Larry Cormack said it “looked like a bear to me at first, but it didn’t walk like one. It was kind of half stooped over. Maybe it was a wounded bear, I don’t know.”

Mr. Cormack added that he did not believe the PreCambrian Shield Man existed anyway. “My father used to talk about it, but I’ve seen it close up,” he pointed out.

From the book Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us by John Green
Northeast - Timiskaming District - Near Cobalt

Was it "Yellow Top?"
North Bay Nugget

Tuesday, April 16, 1946
Cobalt – Old Yellow Top, the half man, half beast that is supposed to be roaming the wilds around the Cobalt Mining Camp was reportedly seen again, this time by a woman and her son, who live near Gillies Depot, while they were walking the tracks into Cobalt.

The woman, who did not want her name made public, said that she spotted a dark, hairy animal with a “light” head ambling off the tracks into the bush near Gillies Lake. She said she did not get a closer look at the thing but said it walked almost like a man.

The sighting is the second such report to be made since 1906 or 1907. A search party may be formed to try and find “Old Yellow Top”.

From the book Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us by John Green
Rabbit Lake, Temagami SOUND REPORT

Screams heard by campers while inside cottage

Witness Report - Date submitted: July 18, 2010___________

Type of Report: Sound

Date of Incident: Oct. 1994
Season: Fall
Time of Day: Night, 10:00 pm
Weather Conditions: Clear fall evening

Duration of Incident: 2 minutes

Location: Rabbit Lake at Brian’s camp/cottage

Location Description: Lone cottage setting, thick bush with swamp and creek on a lake.

Nearest Town: Temagami
Nearest Road: Rabbit Lake Road and Hwy 11

Description of Incident_______________________________________

I was 18 and moose hunting with a friend his uncle and his dad. My friend and his uncle were camped up in the bush in a tent. My buddies dad and I were staying at his actual camp on the lake. We had been moose hunting this area for about a week. This one night we ate dinner, played cards until after 9:00 and then hit the bunks. Brian was asleep across the room (gentle snoring) and I was just starting to fall asleep. Suddenly this horrendous scream came from outside the camp. I remember describing it like a woman being stabbed to death. It started as a scream but ended as a flat pitched howl. There was one scream first that made me instantly sit bolt upright in bed. I called for Brian he continued to snore. Within 30 seconds to a min. The scream started again, turned into a wail and ended as a howl. This thing was moving as it made the noise and went from the left of the camp side to the right. I actually got up and woke brian physically. We heard nothing else. I did not sleep until hours later. The next day Brian was chuckling and proceeded to tell me that whatever I had heard was nothing compared to what he and his hunting crew had heard years earlier. He then went on to describe the same sounds I had listened to the night before. Brian is a very experienced trapper and hunter and cannot explain what they heard that night. I am now 34 and have been a hunter/outdoorsman for 30 + years. I have never heard anything like that before or since. It has always lingered in my mind.

Witness Activities: Trying to sleep inside a cottage.

Other Witnesses: No

Subject Description: Sounds, scream to howl.

Investigation Report____________________________________________________

Investigated by: Roland Fuller

I met with Garry this morning over coffee. It was a very good interview. Just a little background on Garry. Garry was raised in a rural setting in a town called Redbridge, Ontario. It is located just a few miles northeast of North bay. Garry is very familiar with the Northern Ontario Bush. He has a university degree in Environmental Studies. Garry was very enthusiastic to talk to someone who would believe him about the noises he had heard. He has encountered numerous disbelievers and negative responses so he has become somewhat unoptimistic about anyone getting back to him. Once he relaxed with me, he began to talk so much I had to slow him down to write the info he was giving.

Garry was hunting from the camp on Rabbit Lake that is owned by Brian. There is nothing between the camp and the Ottawa River but wilderness. This is a secluded location and not used very often. Brian had purchased the spot years ago from an native person.

Brian and Garry had just settled in for the night to sleep, and Brian was already sleeping (snoring). Garry was just drowsing when the first scream happened. This immediately brought Garry to a wide awake mode and he tried to awaken Brian, unsuccessfully. The second scream then occurred, and Garry physically woke up Brian who had not heard either scream.

The first scream had come from the front south side of the camp and the second came from the front north side of the camp. So either there were two individuals or one individual that moved. Brian and Garry stayed awake for awhile and Brian tried to calm Garry, then went back to sleep. Garry took a long time to get to sleep. The next day they looked around outside but never really looked for tracks or other signs other than what they were hunting for. There were two other people in the hunt group but they had stayed in a tent further up the trail and had not heard anything.

Garry tried to explain the sounds to Brian who at first claimed it was a screech owl. Later, Brian said that that was nothing compared to what had occurred there previously over the years. Garry’s stories, although second hand, included sightings of what Brian called the “outdoor guy”. Tracks of bare wide feet were found around a swamp, items thrown at the camp, a big log mysteriously moved but too big for any one or even four men to move. Brian described a feeling of being watched and Garry did experience this. Garry said that Brian felt that there was a Native person (First Nations) that was living in the bush behind their camp somewhere and he would occasionally see him from a distance or in the trees but not clearly.

Garry left the camp three days later. The incident has haunted him ever since. He would not go back to the camp for four years afterward.

After the meeting, I had Garry listen to some of the Michigan Recording Project audio files, and he was so happy that he had finally heard the screeching sound again, and that he was not crazy. He identified the first clip from the MRP Aug. 30/31, 2008 River Crossing Event as being closest to what he heard. In it, there is a screech or scream first, then whoops. He recognized the loud screeching at the beginning and said it sounded like what he heard, but the howling portion of the Rabbit Lake screeching went on longer. He also mentioned the humanlike portion that was there in the screech on the MRP recording that he could finally identify again. He said the sound he heard was very, very loud.

We talked about a site visit which will require follow up.

After the interview was over I asked if Garry could arrange for me to talk with Brian because I really wanted to interview him. Garry was reluctant but later in the day he called Brian, got permission for me to call him, and passed on his contact information.

Witness’s Description of Sound:





Body shape:

Hair appearance and texture:

Hair colour:

Hair length:

Facial features:

Shape of head:

Shape of eyes:

Skin colour:


Feet or hands:



Arm swing:

Odours: No

Sounds: Horrific scream turning to a howl twice

Interview with Second Witness:

I called and talked briefly with Brian. Garry was right about the way Brian sees these happenings. Brian sees these as normal natural events and maybe so. Brian said he has heard the screeches and seen human tracks not only at Rabbit Lake but also at a camp he had in Magnetawan.

He said that nothing has happened for a couple of years. We are going to get together later in the summer. He has also invited me up to his camp on Rabbit Lake for a look see although he says there is nothing to see.

I will keep in touch with Brian and get a meeting set up.

Conclusions: In summary I feel Garry's event and report to be real and honest.
There is much more investigating to do here. I have spent time searching the adjacent area on the south side of Rabbit Lake. There are several logging areas and bush trails. No people live here. The bush is thick and ideal for any creature to live. There are many swamps and small lakes. There are moose and rabbits, ducks and grouse everywhere. I will be returning to this area in 2013 for more investigating.

Michigan Recording Project website: http://mivocals.moonfruit.com/#

MRP August 30/31, 2008 River Crossing Event page: http://mivocals.moonfruit.com/#/aug-303 ... 4534431968
Hwy 10 between Dundalk and Flesherton SIGHTING REPORT

Bipedal creature crosses Hwy 10 on foggy night

Witness Report - Date submitted: Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007______________________

Type of Report: Sighting

Date of Incident: 1987 Feb. approx.
Season: Winter
Time of Day: 12:15 am
Weather Conditions: There was snow on the ground and there was some fog. The snow was not deep. There was not a lot of snow, the hwy was bare and temp was above freezing. There was some fog or mist in the field but not on the road

Duration of Incident: 4 to 5 seconds

Location: Grey Highlands

Location Description: On hwy. 10 between Dundalk and Flesherton, about 3 to 4 miles north of the turn to Dundalk.

Nearest Town: Dundalk
Nearest Road: hwy. 10

Description of Incident___________________________________________________

A neighbour and I had just left work in Dundalk after midnight. We were heading north on hwy. 10. The sasquatch crossed the highway very quickly in front of us. I said "did you see that?" and my friend said "did you see that? There was snow on the ground and there was some fog. The snow was not deep. We did not go back the next day to look for prints, I wish we had. The year might be off a bit but my ex. Neighbour might be able to pin point it better.My daughter in London had a partner who said his Dad had seen a Sasquatch while he was hunting, back at the camp while his other friends were off somewhere. The man who told his son, is dead now but maybe his son could tell you more. Some of the man's friends may still be alive to tell you more. If you are inerested I will provide you with a number if he says its O.K.

Witness Activities: Driving north on Hwy 10

Other Witnesses: Yes, a neighbour

Subject Description: The sasquatch was tall, over six feet, maybe closer to seven. It has been quite a few years since I saw it . I have not been in contact with my friend so you could ask her and see if our stories are the same. It looked to me to be a male because it did not have breasts like a female. The hair was long and kind of stuck together. The hair wasn.t like the pictures I saw on one of the sites, it was much longer and grey colour. It did have eyes, a mouth and nose like a human.I wish I had come forward much sooner. My partner told me about this site. It is nice to know that others have seen one also. My family has never said they don't believe me, but. I have never changed my story over the years. I know what I saw. I'am not a ding a ling type of person.

Investigation Report__________________________________________________

Investigated by: Pat Barker

I conducted a phone interview with the female witness on Nov. 30, 2007. We spoke a second time by phone a few days later as a follow-up, and also to get contact information for the second witness in the car. I then spoke with the second witness who confirmed most of the details and added a few more.

Because the incident happened 20 years ago, the witness was unable to remember the exact date, but since there was snow on the ground, she felt that it had probably happened in winter, possibly February.

The witness and her friend/co-worker had just left work in Dundalk, Ontario and were driving north on Hwy 10 on their way home. It was shortly after midnight, approximately 12:15 am. The co-worker was driving a small Volkswagon-type vehicle, and the witness was in the passenger seat.

Hwy 10 is a two-lane paved road. There’s a ditch to either side of the road and then a cleared median area of approx. 15 feet beyond that to the farm fields. There were no trees visible close to the road in the median area where the sighting occurred, but the few trees that were there were closer to the farm fields. The landscape is flat in the area, and is mostly farmland. All along Hwy 10 there are farms with barns and other outbuildings set close to the road. Behind the buildings are the farm fields which don’t go back very far and beyond the fields are woods.

There was some fog on the roadway, but more fog beyond the road, making it difficult to see past the tree break to either side of the road. Despite this, they could see clearly in front of the car. They were going about 80 km/hour which was the speed limit. They had just come out of a curve in the road into a straight stretch. Ahead, they were approaching to a bit of a hill, with a slight curve beyond that. There was a vehicle coming towards them on the other side of the road on this flat stretch.

The whole incident happened quickly, in about 4 to 5 seconds. They saw a very large grey coloured creature that she could only describe as a sasquatch. It was on the pavement by the time they saw him. They noticed the creature as it was right in front of them. It was walking left to right, crossing the road on a bit of an angle from west to south east. At this point, the driver hit the brakes and slowed down. The creature crossed the road in 4 to 5 steps. It looked at the two women for about a ½ second when it was almost directly in front of them, a bit to right-centre of the car, then it turned away and kept going, disappearing into the fog off the right side of the road. The other vehicle slowed down too, so for a brief moment, the creature was caught between 2 sets of headlights. The witness estimated that the creature was very close, about 10 feet away when it crossed in front of them. She described the steps it took as 4 to 5 long strides taken in about 4 to 5 seconds. She remembered it’s long leg strides, and said it was moving as fast as it could without running. “A very fast brisk walk, but it was not running.” She also said, “Yes, it noticed us, looked at us then quickly looked away and kept going.” The witness described the hair as “not well manicured, more like a dog coming out of a swamp that shook himself”.

Witness’s Description of Creature:

Height: Between 6 and 7 feet, guessing closer to 7 ft.

Weight: About 240 lbs., but witness explained she wasn’t very good at estimating.

Gender: She was certain it was a male. She could see no breasts to indicate it was female.

Build: Solid. It wasn’t fat and wasn’t skinny. With hair, it’s hard to tell.

Body shape: Like a man’s, covered in hair

Hair appearance and texture: The hair was long and kind of stuck together. The hair wasn’t like the pictures I saw on one of the sites, it was much longer and grey colour. It was grey, kind of matted together, not like dreadlocks, but damp and sticking together. It wasn’t fluffy, the weather was foggy, damp. Hair didn’t look dirty. It looked like animal hair, not like yours or mine. It wasn’t fuzzy. It was longer hair. Like a pomeranian’s hair, but coarser or thicker. It was damp or wet.

Hair colour: Grey colour, medium-light grey colour, not dark. Tips of hair or ends of the hair was lighter colour.

Hair length: Length was quite long, 12 to 15 inches. This was on the arm hair, hanging down from the shoulders. It was clinging together in v-shapes like animal hair does when it’s wet. On it’s front it wasn’t so long. Head hair wasn’t as long. Saw side and shoulder. Didn’t get a good look at face or front.

Facial features: Witness began by saying she couldn’t describe, reminding me that it happened 20 years ago. But as she thought about it more, she said the face didn’t have a lot of depth to it, when it looked at her, so from the front. It did have eyes, a mouth and nose like a human. She didn’t remember a large nose or large features. She said it was more like a human’s face. But she didn’t remember any other features of the face.

Shape of head: Head blended in with the body. She said hair really makes it difficult to see. Hair kept you from seeing the shape of the head.

Shape of eyes: Like shape of human’s eye.

Skin colour: She doesn’t remember, but at the time, she didn’t notice a change from skin to hair, so thinks the skin could be the same colour as hair.

Limbs: Arms were hairy. Legs very hairy.

Feet or hands: No, didn’t notice feet, hands or fingers.

Posture: It wasn’t hunched over. He was leaning a bit at the top but very minimal.

Stride/motion: He wasn’t lifting the bottom part of his legs up a lot.

Arm swing: No, arms weren’t swinging a lot, moved a bit, but not a lot. She said “like a person.” I told her that a person walking this fast would have arms swinging a lot. She said this creature wasn’t swinging it’s arms a lot.

Odours: No, windows were closed

Sounds: Absolutely none

The witness also said there were large tracts of woods and bush not far from there, mentioning Beaver Valley to the north, and caves, as well as a river that was closer to Flesherton. And indeed, a few miles to the north is the Beaver River system which runs north through Beaver Valley into Georgian Bay at Thornbury. In addition, the Saugeen River crosses Hwy 10 just a few miles to the north of the sighting location, and is likely the river the witness was talking about since it is situated closer to Flesherton. This river is fed by many tributaries that run northwest from this location, and the whole system empties into Lake Huron just north of Port Elgin.

Interview with Second Witness:
I conducted an interview with the second witness, the driver of the car one week after my initial interview with the witness. The two women had never spoken about the incident after it happened, so this was an opportunity to see if their stories agreed or not. For the most part the details were the same. The second witness had a clearer recollection of the weather conditions and the oncoming vehicle, as would be expected since she was driving. She remembered touching the brakes and slowing down, which the reporting witness did not remember. She also saw some fog on the road, but not enough to interfere with their view of the creature. She did not, however, remember as many descriptive details of the creature itself, simply because her concentration was on the road, not on what was crossing it. She said there was a vague human shape that crossed the road. She described it as big, but not like a person wearing clothes, yet upright, and not a bear shape standing up. She said it was fast and it was close. It was on the pavement by the time they saw it. This witness also remembered the exact location and offered to show me the spot. She has never discussed this incident with anyone since it happened.

The reporting witness seemed very credible. The experience she had has weighed heavily on her for many years. She has spoken to her family and a few friends about it without reservation. She said it didn’t concern her to be talking about it to her family, because they all know her and know she wouldn’t be talking about something like that if it didn’t happen. She acted relieved to have someone to talk to about it who knew something about the subject. She asked if there were any sightings of grey creatures, saying that she hadn’t seen any reports of that coloured hair. I told her that there were reports of grey ones. She seemed very relieved about this, and repeated that the one she saw was grey.

I asked the witness if she was willing to accompany me to the sighting location at a future date, and she immediately agreed, saying she’d like to go back to the location, although it happened at night, 20 years ago, and she wasn’t quite sure of the exact spot on the hwy. But she also mentioned that her friend might remember where exactly it was, and also her friend might remember many more details than she did. She said that when she contacted her friend to ask permission for me to call her, she wouldn’t discuss any of the details with her. She asked me to phone her back after I spoke with the friend, so she could hear what her friend had to say about it and compare with what she remembered. That, to me, does not sound like someone who wants to get the story straight with the second witness before speaking with the investigator.

When the weather permits, the Ontario team is planning a site visit. We also plan to do some further investigation of the surrounding areas, including the Beaver Valley area and the cave systems in the region. The witness asked if she could be included in our field investigations.


Images: N/A

Audio: N/A

Video: N/A
Central - Niagara Regional Municipality - Campden near Smithville, southeast of Hamilton/Stoney Creek area

Further Sightings of the Smithville Creature
Beamsville Express

Wednesday, August 25, 1965
(This article refers to the Smithville monster having turned up in Campden, about seven miles to the northwest, apparently a few days later after it was in Smithville.)

No less than seven people were reported to have called the Provincial Police to say that they had seen the monster, which all of them described as big, black and furry.

Wayne Beach said that the thing he saw a yard behind his car “just looked like a great big gorilla”. Two 16-inch prints were reported found near a garage where Manfred Berg saw something he couldn’t identify. Hector McDonald said he got a back view of the creature at night in his barn.

Ontario Provincial Police downplayed the incidents saying “It’s not a monster, there’s no such thing as a beast half human and half animal. Somebody is playing a hoax.”

From the book Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us by John Green
Central - Niagara Regional Municipality - Smithville

Trucker Report
Hamilton Spectator

Sunday, August 01, 1965
A Lakeview trucker claimed to have seen a half-human, half-animal beast six or seven feet tall on a side road near Smithville. He estimated the thing to weigh 500 pounds. He went back to look for tracks but found none.

From the book Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us by John Green
Southeast - Renfrew County - On Prettis Island near Pembroke

Man or Gorilla?
Newark Daily Advocate
Newark, Ohio

Wednesday, August 1, 1883
Ottawa, Ontario, August 1, Pembroke – About one hundred miles north of Ottawa – The extraordinary character who is scaring Canucks has a lively sensation in shape of a Wildman eight feet high and covered with hair. His haunts are on Prettis Island, a short distance from the town and the people are so terrified that no one has dared to venture on the island for several weeks.

Two raftsmen named Toughey and Sallman armed with weapons, plucked up sufficient courage to scour the woods in hope of seeing the monster. About three o’clock in the afternoon their curiosity was rewarded. He emerged from a thicket having in one hand a tomahawk made of stone and in the other a bludgeon. His appearance struck such terror to the hearts of the raftsmen that they made tracks for the boat which was moored by the beach.

The giant followed them, uttering demonical yells and gesticulating wildly. They had barely time to get into the boat and pull a short distance out into the stream when he hurled the tomahawk after them, striking Toughey in the arm and fracturing it.

Sallman fired two shots but neither took effect, the giant retreating hurriedly at the first sounds of firearms. It is more than probably that the townspeople will arrange an expedition to capture it if possible what Toughey describes as a man who looks like a gorilla, wandering about in a perfect nude condition and with the exception of the face, completely covered with a thick growth of black hair.

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