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Sighting reports of Bigfoot from this Canadian Province
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(GCBRO) Yukon Sightings

Post by admin » Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:33 am

Reported by: Confidential
Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Page.

DATE: September 29, 2004

TIME: Around noon

LOCATION: Yukon Territory, Canada


OBSERVED: ok, i feel funny telling this but i have to tell someone

i slept the night before alongside the road just before you go south on the XXXX, i take this route alot cause its pretty and its a shortcut even though its unpaved

so i went a couple hundred miles, not sure how many but more than halfway down the XXXX, don't forget they use kilometers there
so not sure of the milepost

so im about halfway down and stopped to go to the bathroom, trucks usually run during the night and there is light day traffic so
its ok to get out and pee in the woods

along the XXXX you see alot of wildlife, and while i was peeing i smelled something, i went into the woods to see what animal was killed just to see the animal as it could be a bear or a wolf, moose, etc.

i got about 100 yards in and heard something ahead of me, it was clear and nice but the area is wooded, i started looking cause if
it was a bear and a fresh kill i was gonna run

well, i started backing up and looked to the north and saw this thing stand up on the edge of a clearing, i have worked in alaska for years and know a griz, black, even a kodiak bear, and it wasn't any of the above, it stood up and looked at me, then started to walk towards me, it started coming fast so i ran, keep in mind it came at me on 2 legs and it was about 50 yards or so from me when i saw
it last, i ran back to my vehicle and jumped in and locked the doors as i pulled away, nothing came out of the woods cause i looked
in the rear view mirror to make sure

i know bears, and there are alot of stories up this way, i never believed it, but i do now, there are some unsolved kills up this way which alot could be griz, but now i wonder, the thing came at me on 2 legs, and it was coming at me, i guess i disturbed the kill cause it was fresh gauging by the smell, ok so now im a believer and i had to tell someone and i hope you believe me cause i didn't know who else to tell

Activities of Witness: got out of vehicle to relieve themself and followed the smell of a dead animal that was never found.

Description of Creature: im 6-1 and it looked bigger than me for sure, man, it looked like a man, i mean with a head upright and walking with a gait like a person, bears can walk a little but this thing walked with purpose and not with difficulty, its arms swung while it walked you know,
i only saw it for a little bit as i was scared as hell, not sure how long but it wasn't a bear

Other Notes: just saw the thing come at me on 2 legs, didn't see the dead animal

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness had no further information to add to this report.

Report Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by: GCBRO Web master

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@ admin « Tue 1:35 am »
Hey Yankeesearch, didn’t even know you were in chat, now you have the bug so bad you will have to keep going out to see another one. :)
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:56 am »
Anyway, as I stand before God, I did not make this up!
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:55 am »
Not saying it was Sq/BF/DM/Yeti... but it was strange. And I am locking my doors tonight for sure! :lol:
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:54 am »
And just I was turning away, I thought I heard snort -- which could have been deer or maybe cattle... but... I do not know.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:53 am »
I did not have the creepy feeling I normally get in these situations... so I really do not know what to make of it.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:53 am »
One detail I forgot to mention: the whoop had almost a human like talk after it on both occasions.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:52 am »
I walked back to the other side, and thought I heard a knock...
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:51 am »
Cattle about 1/8th mile away disappeared... and strangely at that location: it sounded like something banged the metal fence. Not loud... but never ever heard it before tonight.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:50 am »
Two whoops... and some deer scattering (they may have been scattering because of me).
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:50 am »
From 6:20 PM to maybe 6:45 PM CST
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:49 am »
I may have just had an encounter!
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:46 am »
Hi gang! I know it has been a long time...
@ BrianDriver « Sat 12:59 pm »
Good quality pics. How long were the cams out?
@ admin « Thu 9:09 pm »
Just to get the chat going, it’s going to take some time to move over all the data, but in the end, hope everyone likes the layout here.

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