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A Ginsing hunter encountered a crippled bigfoot

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 2:44 am
by BiggJimm
A sighting sketch I was asked to do for the Expedition: Bigfoot Museum in Georgia. A Ginsing hunter encountered a crippled bigfoot. It was my opinion that the creature, based on the discription, may have had polio. My own father had polio as a boy, and it left him with similar disabilities.

Re: A Ginsing hunter encountered a crippled bigfoot

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 6:16 pm
by BiggJimm
Expedition: Bigfoot

Spoke with the most honest man you could ever know last night. Mr Brown lives in Summerville, Ga. He’s 77 years old now, and doesn’t get in the woods like he used to. But in August on 1986, he was in Jenkins Gap, Summerville, Ga looking for ginseng. He hunted and sold it for extra money for his family, though he was a carpenter by trade. This day was a little different from the start. He usually has a friend with him, but his partner could not come this trip. He said when he exited his truck near the fire tower, he already had a feeling he was being watched. He said he thought it might be a game warden (looking for poachers). He entered the forest and started his search, dropped down a small hill and found a flat area where he spotted lots of ginseng. He was busy digging up roots when he got the overwhelming feeling again of being watched. He looked behind him expecting to see his hunting friend, but there stood the strangest creature he’s ever seen. There stood a giant hairy manlike thing, half covered in dried caked mud. The mud was mainly on its lower half and hung in small clumps, like it was wallowing or crawling thru it. It was approx 8 feet tall, with 4-6” brown/black hair all over. At only 18-20 feet away, he got a very good look at it. He said it had a big head that looked set on strong shoulders with no neck. He described it as medium build, long arms that hung to it knees, and a powerful stench like smelled like a dead animal. As he looked it over while frozen to the ground where he was digging, he noticed its left arm seemed lifeless, and the fingernails on that hand had grown so long, they tangled into a knot, curling the hand. They stood there for what seemed like twenty minutes, but in reality was probably two minutes. Then it slowly did a half turn to its left, and did a low grunt twice. It then turned it upper half to see if he was still there. Again it turned away and grunted a second time, then swung its upper half to see if he was still there. It then took a couple steps way from him and he noticed it had a bad leg too. He said it almost stumbled like an old drunk man. Behind Mr Brown was a steep hill and he figured if there was a way out of this place, it was straight up that hill as that animal looked like it had seen better days. As soon as the creature took a couple steps, Mr Brown tore up that hill faster than he’s ever moved, thru loose leaves, roots and rocks. When he reached the top, he vomited repeatedly. Not from the stench, but from the pure fear. On his way home he stopped by the sheriffs office, because, he said, he was afraid of what could happen if that creature ever came upon a child in the forest. He told the newspaper and tv folks from Atlanta, as well. He said he was brought up to never “tell a story”, and it was his responsibility to warn others. No one in Summerville has ever told him to his face they thought he was lying, but he knows some think he was, and that has damaged him a bit.
Thank you sir, for your trust in the rest of us. Have a Merry Christmas..
(Thank you to Jim Whitehead for the awesome artwork)