Project Bikini Bottom

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Project Bikini Bottom

Post by admin » Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:13 am

Author: Darkwing [ Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:44 pm ]
Post subject: Project Bikini Bottom
Project Bikini Bottom

July 17th-19th

The original name for this project revealed the location of the project, so it was renamed Bikini
Bottom, due to the location of Base Camp being near the park swimming area, and the research area
being in the bottoms. And yes, we are aware of the Spongebob Squarepants referencing. :)

Field Team

Support Team

Friday Night
The field team had two boats with three thermal cameras, with the first boat crewed by ArkansasTracker
and Squatchfinder. The second boat was crewed by Sawdustt, Goose and Darkwing.

The boats headed out at 5 pm so that recon could be done on the 3 rivers area where they would be
researching later in the dark. Upon arriving at the entrance to the 3 rivers, the boats stopped in
a small cove to get last minute organization done. The first boat had already turned around and
would go check out the next cove to see if that was the main channel that was being searched for.
As the second boat proceeded to turn around, a Bigfoot was spotted standing in an opening in the
woods in about waist high water.

The second boat turned back around to face the Bigfoot but it had moved off into the flooded woods
behind the opening. The first boat was on the other side of the woods in a position that hopefully
would have gave them a glimpse of it. Squatchfinder thought he seen the head and shoulders of it with
thermal but it was so brief he couldn't obtain a picture of it with the thermal.

The second boat then joined the first boat and the sighting was discussed.

The boats then set off for the main channel, using depth finders and GPSs to navigate the channel, while
occasionally having to move logs and other debris out of the path of the boats. Once through the debris,
the boats ended up in the main channel that was fairly clean and deep. Going several miles back along the
center river, the boats were finally stopped by a large tree that had fallen across the river, and actually
looked like it had been used as a crossing for someone or thing.

It was at this location that Sawdustt deployed his parabolic recorder about 50 feet into the woods, aiming it
further inland. It was decided that it would be left in place for 24 hours to record.

After placing the recorder, a glow stick was hung on the tree so that it would be easy to locate in the dark.
The boats then sat in the channel for nearly an hour, as a listening post. Squatchfinder would do some calls,
and off in the distance to the east, there were some slightly heard responses.

Boat one then moved downriver about 2000 feet around the bend to set up a second listening post. Squatchfinder
did additional calls from that location and the second boat heard a clear response to the east of their position.
Unable to get the first boat on the radio to tell them about the vocalization, the second boat moved down to their
position to let them know what had happened.

Upon arriving, it was decided to have both boats maintain a listening post together, and this position was held
for about an hour before it was discussed to create impromptu bouys to leave along the river to see if the Bigfoot
would take them. Glow sticks were inserted into empty gatorade bottles and floated along the river at different intervals.

It was well afterdark by this time, and the second boat would then go upriver to where the parabolic recorder was positioned
with it's light bar on, in an attempt to get any Bigfoot curious enough to follow them. Once they arrived at the recorder location,
the boat turned around and slowly headed back downstream. Once they got to where the first boat was sitting at, the second boat
passed by it, and the first boat fell in behind with a trolling motor. It was hoped that they might spot any Bigfoot
that may be tree peeking at the second boat with it's light bar on.

As the boats went out of the river area to the lake, glow sticks were attached to trees to give a trail back into the area at night.
Finally reaching the lake itself, the boats would separate and go against opposite banks, scanning with the thermals in hopes
that maybe a Bigfoot would be at the shoreline and be caught on the thermals. Boat one went along the north shoreline, while Boat two
went along the south shoreline.

Both boats finally arrived back at base camp at 1:15 AM, and ArkansasTracker suggested another excursion back into the river areas
before daylight. It was agreed to and everyone settled in, getting some rest.

Before 5 AM, ArkansasTracker, Goose and Darkwing set out in Boat one, heading to the river area. Upon arrival it was discovered that the
water level had dropped about a foot in the time inbetween trips. So since it may not have been possible to recover the parabolic recorder
if it dropped any more, the device was recovered.

The other two rivers were also checked out once the sun rose. Several locations were found that would make great listening post spots.
One on the north river would allow the boat to sit below the bank, and by raising the thermal up, it would be able to monitor a 30 to 40 acre
field surrounded by woods. This would be the location of the night ops for Saturday night.

Arriving back to base camp, Sawdustt and Squatchfinder were filled in on the details of what had happened during the second trip in.

Goose fell asleep in his chair, so he was moved into the tent on his cot. ArkansasTracker had to leave, so he loaded up his boat and headed home.
After ArkansasTracker left, Darkwing also went to lay down. Sensortech arrived a short while later, and him and Sawdustt went driving around to do
some recon on several of the roads near the three rivers area.

Squatchfinder went into town to get ice and lunch for everyone.

When Darkwing and Goose woke up, they waited on Sensortech and Sawdustt to return. Sensortech showed Darkwing the lake map he brought and pointed out
additional information that really helped bring things on the river into perspective. Squatchfinder arrived back from town, and after everyone ate their
lunch, Sensortech headed out to attend a family event that had come up for him.

The game plan for Saturday night was discussed, it was then that the field team realized that the water level had dropped another foot, leaving the remaining
boat sitting on land. The remaining team members went down and got the boat back into the water.

Preparing to head out on the boat, the team was aware that Biggjimm had planned to be there during the day sometime. So the team tried several times to contact him
to find out where he was at, if he was coming or not. The team had about given up on Jim, and was preparing to leave, with the intention of not returning until the
next morning, when Jim called and said he was about 30 minutes away.

This changed the daytime game plan, the team would take Biggjimm in for a daylight view of the river area. As the team headed across the lake, it had picked up
substantially on the wind, causing high, choppy waves across the lake.

To be continued on the next post.

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MABRC Chief Forum Administrator, MABRC Executive Director
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Re: Project Bikini Bottom

Post by admin » Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:14 am

Author: Darkwing [ Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:44 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Project Bikini Bottom
As the team set off once again to go into the 3 river area, the boat began taking on water from the high choppy water. At first it was thought that the live well was overfilling, but after beaching several times to bail water and making it to the south river, it was decided to head back since only one boat was left and if it went down, we would have no rescue. On the way back to base camp, it was discovered that the high choppy water was coming over the gunwale of the boat. With the water like it was, night operations for the second night would be impossible. So once back to camp, the boat was loaded up on the boat trailer and removed from the water. Once on the trailer, Goose removed the drain plug and about 100+ gallons of water poured out.

Sawdustt and Squatchfinder then cooked a great meal of bar-b-que chicken and the team sat around discussing Bigfoot. Squatchfinder would head home about 11:30 pm Saturday night while the rest of the team would crash shortly thereafter. The next morning, the team woke up and began packing up. Lots of lessons learned and return trip is in mind.

Author: TC85 [ Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:37 am ]
Post subject: Re: Project Bikini Bottom
Sounds like a great trip. Using a boat is what I do 90% of the time. Granted mine is a kayak however I have decided to work on getting a John with 15 hp. to cover more ground. As of now...I use the kayak because I don't feel comfortable out in the National Forest on land by myself. At times, up the river at 3 am I don't feel all that comfortable sometimes but it's either that or sit home. I have had my share of moments along the Neches and Trinity rolling solo. It's amazing how the attitude can change 3 miles up a river by yourself and mr. 45.

Author: YankeeSearch [ Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:13 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Project Bikini Bottom
Despite the name :lol: , that sounds like a great trip...

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