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Southern Missouri Thermals?

Author:  Darkwing [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Southern Missouri Thermals?

Richard Taylor‎ to BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) - est. 1995
45 mins ·
I was able to return to the Ozark Mountains of Southern Missouri nearly two weeks ago to a place where I observed multiple subjects with my thermal camera. They were dangerously moving about on sheer cliffs in the pitch dark at night with absolutely no light source. It is inconceivable to think this was merely the random act by pranksters who just happened to be hanging out in the middle of nowhere knowing we would have night vision equipment to even see them. We could hardly see the person standing next to us in the moonless pitch-black night.
Seeing this place in the daylight (Light rain falling), I was astounded at the sheer drop of the cliff and the height of the subject’s locations. It would take methodical actions of an experienced climber to even reach those locations. Doing it at night with no light source would be nearly impossible.
During this day review, I noticed faint movements in a darkened alcove across the river and zoomed my camera into that point. The lighting in the alcove was very shaded, but with photo enhancement, I think I may have captured one of the Big Guys discreetly watching us. They use shadows and cover to perfection and blend in very well. One reason a novice may never see one, not knowing where and what to look for.
I have attached pictures I took of the area that day and a few matching location thermal picture clips of the large subjects I took a year ago moving about across the creek from us. Because of the damp rainy conditions, our exam of the area was limited.

45342184_10217908955499411_790372968575270912_n.jpg [ 22.83 KiB | Viewed 1260 times ]
45235883_10217908952739342_8467527341164199936_n.jpg [ 35.03 KiB | Viewed 1260 times ]
45267287_10217908959939522_8143886681938853888_n.jpg [ 35.51 KiB | Viewed 1260 times ]
45103405_10217908962899596_1973723324336832512_n.jpg [ 38.22 KiB | Viewed 1260 times ]
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Author:  Darkwing [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Southern Missouri Thermals?

45280420_10217908928778743_4421030805250244608_o.jpg [ 62.98 KiB | Viewed 1259 times ]

45220809_10217908916178428_7141390454049734656_n.jpg [ 94.21 KiB | Viewed 1259 times ]
45247029_10217908922418584_4306338552628641792_o.jpg [ 216.13 KiB | Viewed 1259 times ]
45210539_10217908916138427_797432962801991680_o.jpg [ 190.16 KiB | Viewed 1259 times ]
45205577_10217908950619289_1734599899145568256_o.jpg [ 199.58 KiB | Viewed 1259 times ]
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Author:  Darkwing [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Southern Missouri Thermals?

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Author:  Darkwing [ Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Southern Missouri Thermals?

Richard Stewart Taylor
New Member · 1 hr
I have attached two thermal video clips taken of the subjects across the river from me. They are partially blocked out by the tree limbs on my side of the bank. When I begin to shuffle to my left attempting to gain a better view (Picture will slightly rock) the subject on the cliff dives back into the small cave. When I stop, they come right back out.
Even in near pitch-black conditions they have excellent vision of us.
The second video clip that shows a possible rock or other hard object passing close by me at a left to right angle at a very high rate of speed. That explained some of the noise around us. Crashing, thumping and stirring sounds in the brush distracting us. They were aware of where I was standing! I’m sure glad it didn’t hit me LOL!


[ Play Quicktime file ] 45235019_569853540136628_4845558949178507264_n.mp4 [ 262.07 KiB | Viewed 1237 times ]

[ Play Quicktime file ] 45269944_1309716942498713_7546337163470700544_n.mp4 [ 1.29 MiB | Viewed 1237 times ]

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