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Sightings from Monsters of the Northwoods

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Monsters of the Northwoods (1992)
sighting list by Paul & Robert Bartholomew, William Hallenbeck, and William Brann

1. Native American History, NY and VT
Algonquin Indian legends of the "Windigo," a "giant cannibalistic man."

2. Iroquis Indians, Western and Northern NY
Many tales are recorded of encounters with Bigfoot-like creatures called "Stone Giants"

3. 1604, St Lawrence River, NY
French Explorer Samuel de Champlain sails the St. Lawrence and logs Micmac Indian belief
in the existance of the "Gougou," a giant, hairy human like beast.

4. 1759, Northern VT
During the French and Indian War, Major Robert Rogers and his band of rangers reportedly
encountered "a large black bear" that often harassed them by throwing objects. The Indians
called the creature "Wejuk or Wet Skine"

5. About 1770, VT towns of Morgan, Maidstone, Lemington and Victory
Early Settlers of Northern Vermont report Numerous encounters with a large bear-like creature
walking on two legs, nicknamed "Slippry Skin"

6. August 30, 1818, Sacketts Harbor, NY
A man observes a hairy "wild man" emerge from the woods, and approach within a few rods,
then flee.

7. About August 13, 1838, Silver Lake, PA on th NY boarder (day)
A sixteen-year old male shoots at a small, boy-like animal that ducked behind a tree and fled

8. Mid-October 1879, near Williamston, VT
Two hunters see a five-foot Man-like creature covered with bright red hair, having a long beard
and wild eyes. One of the men fired, apparently wounding it. The beast charged the pair, and
they dropped their guns and ran.

9. About November 22,1893, Near Rockaway, Long Island, NY (Morning)
A large "wild man" having "Bloodshot eyes, and long,flowing matted hair" was seen on the shore of
Rockway Inlet be "Red" Mcdowell and George Farrell while rowing a boat.

10. About November 23, 1983, Rockaway, Long Island, NY (Evening)
John Louth observes a large hairy "wild man" by some trees in Rockway Park

11. About November 24, 1893, Rockaway, Long Island, NY (Day)
Susie Louth was struck on her back by a wildman that sprung from behind in the brush, it knocked her down,
then ran off.

12. November 24, 1983, Rockaway, Long Island, NY (early AM)
Plumber William Tweedle was attacked by a "wild man" that threw him to the ground while he was hunting.
It was eating a raw chicken.

13. November 24. 1893, Rockaway, Long Island, NY (Early AM)
"Ned" Tracey shouts at a large hairy "wild man" eating raw clams near the shore.

14. November 24, 1893, Rockaway, Long Island, NY (Afternoon)
House mover John Corning and assistant William McVay were working on a beach when a
"wild man" attaked them.

15. November 24, 1893, Rockaway, Long Island, NY (Evening)
Police Chief McAuthur's wife is seized from behing and chocked by a "Creature" which was scared off
by Fred Sauer

16. July 26, 1895, Maragaretville, NY
Farmer William Cook was attacked by a naked "wild man" that was about 7 feet tall with big teeth after
he had shot at it.

17. 1890's, Moriah, NY
William Napier tells of hearing boyhood stories of a Bigfoot-like creature spotted in the area.

18. Febuary 1909, the towns of Patchogue, Quogue, Eastport, and West Hampton, NY (Night)
Residents of several Long Island communities report seeing a "baboon" or "monkey-like" creature on several
occasions giving off a "blood curdling shriek"

19. Early November, 1922, Near Babylon, NY (Night)
Armed police and civilian patrols search this Long Island Community after sightings of a baboon or gorilla

20. 1920's, near Schroon Lake, NY
A strange bear that walked upright was seen by a couple with the surname of "Wright"

21. June 1931, Minola, NY
A big, ape-like, hairy creature frightens several people near a Long Island nursery

22. July 18, 1931, Huntington, NY
A sighting of a gorilla-like creature seen crashing through shubbery was recorded by a nurseryman
and his family. Police later found tracks.

23. july 1931, near Huntington, NY
A farmer reported seeing a "strange animal" not far from the July 18th sighting in Huntington. Tracks were found.

24. Early 1930's, Amityville, NY
An eight foot tall "Gorilla with glowing red eyes" was spotted on several occasions.

25. Febuary 1932, Hamilton Co., near Blue Mountain Lake, NY
The famous "Adirondack Wild Man" sightings occured. A posse later tracked, shot and killed a
"creature" which turned out to be an African American Hermit wearing animal skins.

26. August 25, 1934, North Massapequa, NY
Several reports were made of an unusual creature roaming the area of Nassau County, five miles from
Amityville, NY. It was described as either a "man, beast, or demon." A theory that it's an escaped chimp
from nearby Farmingdale, Long Island is discredited by the police

27. September 4, 1934, Amityville, NY (night)
A "mysterious ape-like" creature tears up a garage. Concern builds to feverish pitch. During the night " most
of the male residents of the neighbor hod are sitting on their porches waiting on the animal with their shotguns"

28. Around 1950, Greene County, NY (day)
Philip Winegard observed a "monkey-like" creature about the size of a boy which "rose up out of the
swamp and grabbed a bird in its hands"

29. 1951, Sudbury, VT
John Roswell and a Mr. Kennedy place a 450 pound oil drum on a tractor seat. The next day they find it several
hundred feet away near Sudbury Swamp and 20 " x 8" inch footprints leading from the tractor to the drum.

30. Early 1950's near Rouses Point, NY
A family camping reports a bigfoot like creature crossing the road.

31. 1959, Whitehall, NY
Farmer Harry Diekel's neighbor tells of seeing a bear-like creature on two legs.

32. About 1960, Lewiston, NY
Rumors of bigfoot-type creatures begin circulating in western NY

33. 1961 or 1962, Plainfield, VT (night)
Farmer William Lyford hears his cows making a rukus. Investigating, he sees a large, hairy creature with an
upright posture run off after pointing the flashlight at it.

34. Mid 1960's Stockbridge, Rutland County, VT (7:30 PM)
John Rose amd several companions riding in a pickup truck see a seven to eight foot grayish creature striding briskly
across the road on two legs.

35. 1965-1966, Sherman, NY
White Swamp Monsters standing between twelve to eighteen feet tall with six to eight foot long hair was reported by
a family on several occasions.

36. 1966-1969, Mount Misery, Huntington, Long Island, NY (Night)
There are several stories of couples parked in the wooded Mount Misery area neing terrified by a seven-foot-tall human-
like monster

37. Fall 1967, near Ithica, NY
Reports of a big, hairy, bigfoot-like figure in the woods during a major UFO wave in the region emerge. One report tells of
a creature tearing the jacket of a boy.
(Note: During 1967 the Earth had leonids metorites bombarding and exploding in air. There were similar sightings around
the world, and many of the "UFO"s were in fact exploding leeonid metorites)

38. January 12, 1969, Mt. Misery, Hunington, Long Island, New York (8 AM)
Barbara LaMonica, J.P. Para, and Richard DiMartino saw a black figure of "Something that resembled a human with a disfigured
face" with "long black hair" and what appeared to be a "long black garmet" retreating into the bushes.

39. Mid-March, 1974, Barre, VT (10 PM)
Two men stopped along Country Club Road to tell Professor Warren Cook that they had heard a "shriek" and saw "a tall dark
figure running across a field....with hands that swung below the knees as it ran."

40. July 1974, near Rutland, VT (after midnight)
An eight to ten-foot hairy bigfoot was seen in the vicinity and reported to the police.

41. December, 7 1974, Richmondtown, NY (4:15 PM)
Two young boys were frightened by a big black "furry thing" while playing behind St. Andrew's Episcopal Church parking lot.

42. January 21, 1975, Richmondtown, NY (10:45 PM)
A nurse driving on Richmondtown road observes a black, hairy figure cross the road on two legs. Ten inch, four toed tracks
were found nearby.

43. 1975, Watertown, NY
A five foot creature "swinging its arms" was seen by Steve Rich, Jerry Emerson, and another boy "just walking" on State
Street Hill.

44. May 1975, Whitehall, NY (11:30 PM)
Skeene Valley Country Club owner Clifford Sparks encounters a eight footed tall "great big" hairy "sloth-like" creature run
off near the first green of his golf course.

45. Late August/ early September 1975, near Highgate Springs, NY
A man, his son, and his brother obsered a long-legged, wide shouldered creature walking upright "at a casual pace" across a tractor trail.

46. Fall 1975, Whitehall , NY (night)
Whitehall Police Sgt. Wilfred Goslin and brother, Russel, hear an eerie high pitched yell lasting over a minute while hunting at an
intersection of Abair Road and Rt 22A.

47. June 1975, near Saranac Lake, NY (night)
Two men see a "Bigfoot" squatting by Rt. 3. They stop and approach it, but it walks away.

48. June 1976, near Watertown, NY
Two boys claim to see a hulking, black, hairy creature in the woods.

49. August 11 1976, Whitehall, NY (Night)
Martin Paddock, Paul Gosselin, and Bart Kinney reported seeing a seven to eight foot brown, hairy creature in a
field off Abair Road. Whitehall Police Sgt. Wilfred Gosselin checks the area and sees "an awful tall shadow"

51. August 25, 1976, Whitehall, NY
Farmer Harry Deikel finds "big human footprints" in a field near the section of Abair Road and Rt. 22 A

52. August 25, 1976, Whitehall, NY
Whitehall Police Officer Brian Gosselin and an anonymous NY state trooper saw a large, two legged creature off
Abair Road, coming within thirty feet of Gosselin's car. The seven to eight -foot creature had "big red eyes that
bulged about a half inch off its face, no ears, no tail, dark brown hair, almost black; the arms swung down past
its knees." Afterabout a minute, the trooper shone a light in its eyes and it ran off screaming.

53. August 26, 1976, Hampton, NY
An anonymous Whitehall School official observes a large, hairy, ape-like creature walk out of Bixby's Apple Orchard and
cross in front of his car.

54. About August 26, 1976, Whitehall, NY
A sheriff's deputy and a state trooper find and make plaster casts of nineteen inch fotprints near the Poultney River
Bridge, east bay area.

55. About August 30, 1976, Whitehall, NY (11:10 PM)
A State Trooper watches a large, furry figure seventy five to one hundred yards off Abair Road in a field.

56. September 1, 1976, Whitehall, NY
A nearby Granville man tells Whitehall police "I shot bigfoot" in a field off Carver's Falls Road. He and others claim
ten to twelve shots were fired.

57. September 7, 1976, Whitehall, NY
A trooper finds 19 1/2 inch human-like tracks by the Poultney River near Abair Road.

58. September 1976, Lewiston, NY
Police Officer Peter Filicetti and mother report an encounter with a bigfoot-like creature in a cornfield. Unusual
footprints were found

59. Fall, 1976, Oxbow NY (night)
Racoon hunters see a seven foot, hairy creature walking on two legs

60. October 1976, Chittenden, VT
A prominent Rutland area buisnessman wishing anonymity, takes a photo on a nature trail in northeastern Rutland County.
When developed, the photo shows a possible huge bigfoot-like creature.

61. Late 1976/ early 1977, North Central VT
Two people were driving along a road and were startled by two bigfoot creatures running next to their car, pacing it.

62. March 1977, Whitehall, NY (day)
Royal Bennett and his granddaughter Shannon obsered a "stump" in the field off Fish Hill Road. Suddenly, the "Stump" stood
up and honey colored creature, seven to eight ft tall, estimated at 500 pounds walked off. Large human like tracks (13 1/2 inches)
were found in the vicinity that spring by Bill Braun.

63. March 1977, Chittenden, VT
A housewife glances out the window of her houe and sees an ape-like creature standing in a field. Its shoulders are slouched with
arms hanging at its sides, staring towards the horizon. Her husband comes out with a gun, but it is already gone.

64. July 1977, Northwestern Saratoga County, NY
A famiy finds fourteen by six inch footprints while camping near Big Eddy.

65. July or August 1977, Clarendon, VT (night)
James and Nancy Ingalls see a man-like creature while driving home from roller-skating
. Its eyes glowed red in the headlights. The next day, fourteen to sixteen-inch prints like
naked human feet were found.

66. 1977, near Theresa, NY
Two seperate sightings of a large, hairy creature were reported by two pairs of railroad workers.
Prints were found at both sites.

67. Early August 1978, Whitehall, NY (night)
A man and dog were terrified by "inhuman" screams outside his house on Abair Road. The dog
behaved strangely.

68. September 1978, Porter, NY
Hunters find a carcass of a large, partially decomposed ape-like animal in a field near Lewiston, NY. The carcass
was lost, but many experts believe the pictures and body are of a black bear.

69. November 28, 1978, Shrewsbury, VT
David Fretz and his family are startled by fourteen to sixteen inch human-like tracks (four inches deep) in the snow
around their house.

70. Late November 1978, Morrisville and Craftsbury, VT
Fantastic stories about a bigfoot type creature dubbed "groonyak" circulate across the area. It allegedly killed a
farmer's bull. It is probably a hoax.

71. December 1978, Kinderhook, NY (Dawn)
Mrs. Martha Hollenbeck observes a "big. black, hairy thing all curled up" on her lawn.

72 & 73. About May 17, 1979, Whitehall, NY (7:30 PM)
A Fair Haven man, his mother, father, and sister-in-law saw a hairy, man-like head peering over some bushes.
After the man yells at it, it runs off with an inhuman gait. About a week later, he and the same group of relatives
experience a similar incident, again while fishing on the East Bay River.

74. December 6, 1979, Kinderhook, NY (Day)
Barry Knight watches four great big furry things on two legs cross a creek while he was trapping on Cushing's Hill

75. 1979, Whitehall, NY
Mr. "B" and a friend observe a large creature with a big stride walk over a fence.

76. Late 1970's, near Saratoga Lake, NY (night)
A sheriff's deputy investigates reports of loud screams at a trailer park. He finds a ten inch
diameter tree that had been ripped from the ground and thrown against a trailer.

77. April 1980, Kinderhook, NY (day)
"Barbara" sees a 7 1/2 ft creature with reddish brown fur in a corn field while driving on Rt. 9. It
looked "like a highly evolved ape."

78. June 1980, near Lawrenceburg, NY (3:30 AM)
Fred Ranaudo encounters a bigfoot "breathing real hard, like it had athsma," while camping. Fifteen
inch footprints were found.

79. September 24, 1980. Kinderhook, NY (11:22 PM)
Several members of the Hallenbeck family, including Martha, Barry Knight, Barbara Knight, her daughter
Chari, and granddaughter, Melanie, are terrorized by a bigfoot-like beast outside Martha's home. Shots
were fired at the creature.

80. November 1980, Kinderhook, NY (Night)
Barry Knight and Russell Zbeirski heard screams while walking a remote road near Cushing's Hill. Suddenly
five hulking figures with coned heads converged in the road ahead of them. A third (female) witness just
down the road watched a bigfoot take food from their garbage about the same time.

81. Winter 1981, Adirondack Park Region, Northeastern NY
A cross country skier finds footprints with unusually long strides.

82. Winter 1981, Bullhead Mountain, near Indian Lake, NY
A hunter follows eighteen-inch human like footprints for one mile, leading to a a ledge. An unusual cone-shaped
structure was found in the vicinity.

83. Febuary 1981, near Kinderhook, NY
Ten-inch, three toed footprints were found in a snow covered field resembling enourmous duck tracks. Bruce Hallenback
taped them on movie film. The tracks end mysteriously in the middle of the field.

84. April 1981, Kinderhook, NY
A woman bicycling on Novak Road is startled by a big hairy thing lumbering across the road into a corn field.

85. May 8, 1981, Kinderhook, NY (night)
Several campers, including Barry Knight, observe a tall figure walking on two legs with long arms and no neck, in the
vicinity of Cushing's Hill. One of them sees two glowing red eyes high off the ground.

86. June 1981, Kinderhook, NY
Stange three-toed tracks, fourteen inches long, seven inches wide are found.

87. Summer 1981, Catskill Mountains, Columbia County (night)
There are several reports of bigfoot type creatures, including one from a chemist, his wife, and two children; they
report multiple encounters with a black, hairy beast or beasts. They found sixteen-inch tracks. The family lived
about twenty minutes from Kinderhook.

88. September 8, 1981, Kinderhook, NY
A rabbit hunter finds huge human-like prints by Kline Kill Creek

89. November 1981, Kinderhook, NY
A woman spots a "big two-legged thing, reddish-brown, which then ran off into the woods"

90. 1981, Davenport, NY
Two children fishing encounted a bigfoot-like creature that gave off a bad smell and screamed.

91. Early February, 1982, Whitehall NY
Two law enforcement officers see a hairy bigfoot creature cross Rt. 22 near the Washington County Highway Patrol
Department garage by South Bay.

92. Spring 1982, Austerlitz , NY, (Day)
A hunter is startled by an eight foot, red haired bigfoot.

93. May 5, 1982, Kinderhook, NY, (10:00 PM)
Bruce Hallenbeck hears a loud noises that sound like chattering monkeys. He said that a stange white ball of light raised
into the sky and vanished with the "sound of a poping balloon"

94. May 1982, Kinderhook, NY (Late PM)
Micheal Maab is fishing near the dam and sees a eight foot, reddish-brown bigfoot creature apparently observing him from
20 yards away. It has beady eyes and black fingernails. After a two minute staring contest it ambles back into the woods

95. Summer, 1982, Kinderhook, NY (Dusk)
Bruce Hollenbeck's father saw a "large, black, hairy creature" standing out under a big tree in his yard.

96. September/ October, 1982, Kinderhook, NY
Several reports were made of a "white bigfoot" in the area.

97. December, 1982, Chatham, NY
Several unverified reports of a white bigfoot creature were made in Chatham, near Kinderhook.

98. March 1983, Tinmouth/ Pawlet, VT
While traveling a rural road, a Connecticut couple inform Professor Cook that they encountered a "giant of a man"
that walked along a rockey ledge. At one point the creature raised his "giant arms above his head and waved them
several tmes" in a frantic display.

99. About August 1, 1983, Dexter, NY
A seven foot creature was seen by residents near a hardware store.

100. September 1983, Kinderhook, NY (9:00 AM)
A large, black, bear-like animal walks in front of an elderly gentleman's car on Novac road.

101. October 7th, 1983, Moose Mountain Pond, near Indian Lake, NY (Night)
Richard Newman and his son ,Eric, hear loud crunches while fishing. Eric spots two hairy legs passing by.

102. October 7th, 1983, Town of Lake George, NY (7:45 PM)
Three young men are cycling four miles south of Lake George Village on a bike trail. They cycle off after hearing
screams and seeing big red eyes seven foot off the ground in the woods.

103. Winter, 1983, Whitehall, NY (day)
William "Bud" Manell finds strange footprints in the snow by the Whitehall dump in the East Bay region.
The tracks have very long strides.

104. 1983, Eagle Bridge, NY near Stephentowne
A large, unidentified creature was spotted.

105. February, 1984, Kinderhook, NY
Two hunters near Cushing's Hill fine enormous tracks in the snow and a bloodless rabbit carcass nearby.

106. April 1984, Windsor County, VT (5:30 PM)
James Guyette was driving north on US 91, within sight of the Hartland Dam. He saw a huge, hairy "animal-man
come up the bank near the brook, walking fast down the road at an angle," one hundred yards away. It was "tall
and lanky with arms swinging," and "a head shaped like a helmet attached to a uniform in the back"

107. May 6, 1984, near Kinderhook, NY
Large human-like tracks were found by a bridge. The biggest was 13 3/4 inches long.

108. May/ June 1984, Washington County, Whitehall & Hartford, NY (dark)
A series of bizzare laughing screams were heard in several locations.

109. Spring 1984, Chittenden, VT (night)
A man told Ted Pratt that he heard a loud scream and something ripped his cellar door off
(it was solid, made of two inch thick oak.) It then prowled around in his basement. A possible track was found, but destroyed.

110. June 1984, Hubbardton, Rutland County, VT (3:30 AM)
Bruce Bateau heard a shrieking-whistling noise while in bed. The next day, he and his mother, Mrs. Barnard Bateau, found
large naked footprints with three distinguishable toes. There was a musty/ musky smell in the area.

111. 1984, Essex and Caldonia Counties, VT
A man sees a huge, hairy ape-like creature at the edge of an open field in the northwest corner of town. He told Aufrey Beam
that he wished to remain anonymous.

112. 1984, Clarendon, Rutland County VT, (early AM)
A couple claimed to have seen a larege, hairy, ape-like creature near the junction of Route 7 and Route 103, south of Rutland. The
Vermont State Police do not appear to have taken the report seriously.

113. 1984, Hubbarton, VT
An anonymous man, "J," told a friend that he saw a hairy creature in the northwest corner of town.

114. August 20, 1984, Whitehall, NY
A seven to eight foot creature was seen by several residents

115. August 28, 1984, near Whitehall, NY
A creature between seven to eight foot tall that walked on two legs was reported. The witness estimated that it
weighed over 400 pounds.

116. March 4, 1985, North Clarendon, Vermont
Mrs. Dorthy Mason and her son , Jeffery, found 16" x 5" tracks in the snow around their home.

117. March 1985, Whitehall NY
A woman found large tracks in the snow in her yard on 4th Avenue. The human-like prints came from a nearby
tree-line and circled her home.

118. May 4, 1985, Castleton, Rutland County, VT, (9:50 PM)
A young sounding female phones Prof. Cook and refuses to give hime her name. She claimed to have just seen a
seven-foot creature, covered with hair outside her house. She sounded sincere, but the connection was suddenly
broken. It is possible this was a hoax.

119. June 16, 1985, Kinderhook, NY (11:05)
Mrs. Margaret Mayer is startled while driving on Rt. 203 by a six to seven-foot bizarre creature with yellow eyes.
It appeared to be something of a cross between a bird and a bigfoot. The creature is covered with light colored fur
or feathers.

120. June 1985, Peacham, Caledonia County, VT, (evening)
Two fishermen in a boat on Foster Pond saw a hairy form on the shore. It is possible there were two individuals. The
bear-like creatures ran on two legs striding like a man- then broke into a run. The fishermen came to shore to get a
better view. The feet were lighter colored than the rest of the body.

121. July 6, 1985, Kinderhook, NY, (8:00 PM)
Martha Hallenbeck saw "round, white eyes"; two sets. One was seven foot off the ground and the other was five foot
off the ground. They were near her porch. After ten to fifteen minutes they disappeared. She said "I've never seen
anything so bright white."

122. September 20, 1985, West Rutland, VT (7:30)
Al and Bob Davis, Frank "Fron" Grabowski III, Roscoe Jones were involved in a bigfoot incident two miles west of West
Rutland near Ed and Theresa Davis' home. The entire family heard strange noises. Bob and Fron saw a "gorilla-like"
creature that stood upright approach them. It threw some stones at them, and they threw the stones back; the creature
retreated. Bob noticed the a peculiar black skin under its eyes. The next day large footprints were found and cast by Dr. Cook.

123. September 20, 1985, West Rutland, VT (8:00 PM)
Susan Cook, (Professor Cook's daughter) saw a bigfoot while driving on Rt. 4A, some two miles west of Rutland.

124. October 1985, Proctor, Rutland County, VT
Burton " Burt" McCullough Sr.'s chicken coops at his farm on West Proctor Road were ripped open, the fence was torn
down, and numerous chickens were killed. Several large human-like tracks dot the area around the coops.

125. November 20, 1985, Chittenden VT (6:30 PM)
Two young boys were playing near their house when one of them turned and saw a bigfoot creature thirty five feet
away from them. One of the boys fired his BB gun at it, then they turned and fled to the house.

126. November 21, 1985, Chittenden, VT (8:00 AM)
Rickie Seifert and Corey St. Lawrence were on a school bus that was turning around opposite from Mt. Top Inn. They
spotted a big, black, hairy creature crossing a field. Both he and Cory say it wan't a bear.

127. October 1, 1986, West Rutland, VT (8:00 PM)
Castleton College students John Brandt, Kerry Bilda, an George Dietrich almost hit a nearly seven-foot tall bigfoot while
driving on Rt. 4 A about two miles west of West Rutland. Its body had collie length hair, but its white face was virtually
hairless. The incident happened within 300 feet of the location of Susan Cook's enounter of September 20th, 1985.

128. October 26, 1986, Poultney, VT (9:00 PM)
Jill Cortwright and Kathey Quill sight a long-haired bigfoot couching by the side of Rt. 30 between Castleton Corners
and Poultney. Cortwright was confident it wasn't a bear.

129. 1986, Norton Pond, Northern Vermont
A bigfoot type creature was seen by a professor from Vermont's Johnson State College, as described to Wes and Olga
Gordeuk of Cromwell, CT. Later, large tracks were found in the area.

130. February 11, 1987, East Poultney, VT
Two Castleton College students that were cross-country skiing found large barefoot tracks in the snow.

131. October 9, 1988, Kinderhook, NY (2 AM)
Susan Hallenbeck, a teacher at Icabod Crane Middle School, heard strange sounds like gorillas made in the movie
"Gorilla's in the Midst"

132. August 1989, near Poestenkill, NY (11:30 PM)
An Averill Park couple encountered a "large, upright figure....tall and reddish-blond in color and running very quickly"

133. August 18, 1989, Hampton, NY (3:00 AM)
A sixteen year old boy saw a seven-foot tall, one yard wide creature; it peeked at him while he walked home along
Rt. 22 A South.

134.August 24, 1989, Hampton, NY (2 :00 AM)
Two camping teens observed a six foot creature with "glowing red eyes" cicle their camp.

135. August 28, 1989, Hampton, NY (1:00 AM)
Two boys reported hearing a "loud and steady" vocalization which "continued for at least three minutes."

136. Mid- September 1989, Clemen, NY
A Clemens man reported hearing strange screams and grunts at the same time his dog began to react
wildly to the presence of a strong offensive odor.

137. Mid-January 1990, Ghent, NY
Human-like tracks were found in the snow that measured over twenty inches in length.Days later, similar
tracks were found in the snow in the same area, disappearing into a thicket.

138. July 1990, Whitehall, NY
A "tall, big, dark" figure was seen crossing a field off County Route. 21.

139. March 1991, Loon Lake Mountain, Franklin County, NY
Herbert Francisco found oversize human-like tracks, between eighteen to twenty inches long with a ten foot stride.

140.Early April 1991, Long Lake, Hamilton County, NY
Katherine Kaifer reported a sighting of a bigfoot creature.


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I walked back to the other side, and thought I heard a knock...
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Cattle about 1/8th mile away disappeared... and strangely at that location: it sounded like something banged the metal fence. Not loud... but never ever heard it before tonight.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:50 am »
Two whoops... and some deer scattering (they may have been scattering because of me).
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:50 am »
From 6:20 PM to maybe 6:45 PM CST
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:49 am »
I may have just had an encounter!
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:46 am »
Hi gang! I know it has been a long time...
@ BrianDriver « Sat 12:59 pm »
Good quality pics. How long were the cams out?
@ admin « Thu 9:09 pm »
Just to get the chat going, it’s going to take some time to move over all the data, but in the end, hope everyone likes the layout here.

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