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 Post subject: Re: Researchers and scientists
PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:18 pm 
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Forum Sr. Researcher

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chrisandclauida2 wrote:
Ummm, ok. I probably shouldn't but...

Your wild imagination is jumping to conclusions about me being a skeptic and assuming it as fact just like when you talk about the deep state anti Bigfoot conspiracy knowledge as fact. I never asked you to prove it rather I only reminded you it's an opinion. Reinforced by what you have said, I also suggest its an opinion that you have transitioned into an almost nostic cult like belief system in your mind by cobbling together actual incidents reports claims and suggestion mixed with a healthy scepticism of what the government says or does along with Aliens MIB's thrown in for flavor. Please don't launch into your manifesto again I get it. I just don't see what you see and you would have to show me proof and not your thoughts about Bigfoot related things to drink your flavor of cool-aid. I'm sorry.


I hope you meant the "other" Bob from the Yakima area claimed the patterson film a hoax cause i dont recall Bob Gimlin ever so much as hinting at such a thing.

I do not know everything. maybe there is no bigfoot, yet if that is the truth there would be exactly ZERO bigfoot-related items in existence today, no costumes, no names, no movies, no story, nothing . no forums , no colletibles, no monster truck named bigfoot, not of the creature we relate the name to. I'm not so blind that I cannot say there were some tricks /hoaxers through history, mere story-tellers , wild imagination or entertainment. people telling made up BS to tourists and outsiders, I know there was mistaken idendity as well.

I'd be a fool to think these things didn't happen from time to time ....just like the STILL do now. and that is a fact.

I don't know I have never seen a "bigfoot". *BUT* IF I accept that there were hoaxers throughout history, mistaken identity
because, not every patch of fur, stinky scent, or scary noise is some bigfoot....I'd be foolish to avidly believe so.

BUT, then there HAS to be something concrete about it, based in fact of a flesh and blood hominid. SOMETHING to get people so shook up over decades , not just bullsh. IF it was just crap, people would be pretty quick to point exactly that out and kill it

and end everything bigfoot , like I say many decades before I was even thought of.... fair?? Instead, a massive fire got lit under pepole over this and the entire thing lives . and you have the two sides today.

A: It's Bung, and absolutely redicoulous , no credible or possible way this thing existed and those that think it has or is are fools.

B: Bigfoot absolutely is possible, sightings have continued for a melenia , we have evidence , we have trustworthy testimony from credible eyewitnesses , and something is leaving huge man-like footprints across the country. any non-believers are ill-informed and ignorant.

"basically." The Government is saying nothing definative, and happy to let the sides bicker and collect money from everything -Bigfoot- related that sells.

is that fair?? we the public will never know. 'I' me, just think it's fairly dumb of me to say " no way. "everybody is full of sh."

and just go about my life.

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