Forum membership vs. MABRC Organizational membership

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Forum membership vs. MABRC Organizational membership

Post by admin » Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:07 pm

Forum membership vs. MABRC Organizational membership

There is a common misconception about the joining of the MABRC Forums as a forum member. The MABRC Forums are open to the public to join, however, joining the forum does not mean that individual is a MABRC Organizational Member.

Only after completing the Membership application on the website, and undergoing an interview with the Membership Coordinator by phone, will the offer to join the MABRC Organization be offered to the applicant.

Forum Members are distinguishable by the colors of their screen names. Yellow, Red and Green show standard forum membership, while light blue signifies a MABRC Organizational applicant, someone who is undergoing the process for joining the MABRC. Dark blue, maroon, and purple colors are MABRC Organizational Members.

MABRC Organizational Members have special access to the MABRC Members area on the forum, while standard forum members don’t.

The reason for this is simple, there are some discussions that only concern MABRC Organizational members, and there are those in the Bigfoot Community that will try to use those discussions against the MABRC and ridicule us on some of the discussions.

Items such as expedition planning, protocol and procedures, investigations and other research that only concerns the MABRC will be placed in that area.

If you wish to join the MABRC, go to this link and fill out the membership application.


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@ admin « Tue 1:35 am »
Hey Yankeesearch, didn’t even know you were in chat, now you have the bug so bad you will have to keep going out to see another one. :)
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:56 am »
Anyway, as I stand before God, I did not make this up!
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:55 am »
Not saying it was Sq/BF/DM/Yeti... but it was strange. And I am locking my doors tonight for sure! :lol:
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:54 am »
And just I was turning away, I thought I heard snort -- which could have been deer or maybe cattle... but... I do not know.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:53 am »
I did not have the creepy feeling I normally get in these situations... so I really do not know what to make of it.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:53 am »
One detail I forgot to mention: the whoop had almost a human like talk after it on both occasions.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:52 am »
I walked back to the other side, and thought I heard a knock...
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:51 am »
Cattle about 1/8th mile away disappeared... and strangely at that location: it sounded like something banged the metal fence. Not loud... but never ever heard it before tonight.
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:50 am »
Two whoops... and some deer scattering (they may have been scattering because of me).
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:50 am »
From 6:20 PM to maybe 6:45 PM CST
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:49 am »
I may have just had an encounter!
@ yankeesearch « Tue 12:46 am »
Hi gang! I know it has been a long time...
@ BrianDriver « Sat 12:59 pm »
Good quality pics. How long were the cams out?
@ admin « Thu 9:09 pm »
Just to get the chat going, it’s going to take some time to move over all the data, but in the end, hope everyone likes the layout here.

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