Monster War

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Monster War

Post by BiggJimm » Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:10 am

Some of you have enquired about the "Monster War", so here is the story. It takes place from in the mid 1930's in Rural McClain County. It was related to me by the grandson of the individuals involved.

It started out with a family living back in the hills. There was a small community back in the timbers, and at the very end of the old wagon road in was the place were this occurred. There was a family living in an old cabin while they were building a house. One evening the land owner heard something rustling around in his goat pen. It was about dusk, but not quite dark yet. He grabbed his old sharps rifle and went out to investigate. He saw something huge in the goat pen and when it stood up, he fired the big .50, thinking that it was a bear. The creature dropped and it wasn't getting back up. He walked over to look at it, and to his surprise it was a massive man, covered in black hair. The guy was easily the biggest man he had ever seen, and would have stood around 10 foot tall. As he stared in horror and disbelief, feeling that he might of just accidently killed a man, when he suddenly heard a loud roar, and the sounds of the brush crashing and trees breaking. It was then that he realized that he wasn't alone. He bolted back to his cabin, slamming the door behind him. Before his wife and young children something slammed into the side of the cabin.
The cabin was sitting on supports of rocks wrapped in wire to form pillars, and the thing that rammed the cabin hit it hard enough to knock it off of them. To the families horror, the creatures tried to get in, and they opened fire through the sides of the cabin and out of the windows at them. At one point one of them was on the roof and they had to shoot through it. The old man told me that his grandfather was about 9-10 at the time, and at one point in the night one reached through the window and grabbed his shirt, and the boy's mother slashed at the hairy arm with a butcher knife and the boy managed to get away, though his shirt was tore up. As soon as the sun came up the attack stopped and they ran to the nearest neighbors place in terror, only to almost get shot themselves. Evidently the neighbor had a visit from the creatures as well. For the next few weeks, the people there were getting harassed at night by the creatures. Eventually four hunters decided to go into the woods and find the creatures and kill them while they slept, having noted that they didn't get seen much during the daylight hours. Those four hunters never came out of the woods. The county sheriff claimed it was all a ploy from the four men to cover up a moonshining operation without actually investigating.

You go there today, and you will notice that all of the old houses are fortified. The houses that were built by the families that stayed there are like bunkers, with brick walls 2-3 foot thick, partially buried, some have 3 inch drill bit tubing set into the windows, 8-9 foot fences made out of pipe, or even towers built into the houses with gun ports. Something scared the living hell out of the families in there. As for the dead one, the family returned and buried it, fearing that if they left out in the open, it would prompt further attacks. They poured the foundation of their new house over the grave of the creature. (I told them that if they ever tear down that old house, let me know and I'll be there with a shovel). I've known the family my whole life, and I trust them. They have always been honest and trust worthy to me, so I can't discount the story.

About 15 years later, the county widened the old wagon road into a proper dirt road. My dad was part of the team that did so, and he told me about finding large barefoot tracks in the dirt there all the time after returning the next day.
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Re: Monster War

Post by yankeesearch » Wed Mar 10, 2021 1:19 am

That is interesting. It sounds similar to the incident at Mount St. Helens. They must use fairly consistent tactics when they attack. I presume that the body was carried of in the midst of the battle? :cry:

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