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 Post subject: (GCBRO) Laurens County
PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:05 pm 
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Reported by Confidential

RECEIVED: From the G.C.B.R.O. Web Site Submission Form

DATE: 12/05/75

TIME: 12:30 A.M.

LOCATION: Waterloo South Carolina, Laurens County

TERRAIN: Partially wooded

OBSERVED: I was alerted by dogs barking I got up and looked out through my front door window, the front yard was under a street light so I could see real good. The first thing I said was to my wife would you look at this. Standing not over 10 feet from my front door was a sight I will never forget. The creature was app. 4 1/2 foot tall it was covered with off white hair not fur. It had a flat face with brown eyes and ears that were pretty much hidden by hair, it was standing on it's two legs with it's two arms hanging buy it's side. The moment I spoke to my wife, it must have heard me because it turned to it's left and did a fast shuffle across my yard, across the ditch, and the road and into the woods. It walked with a shuffle because it's hip joints were not able to make a smoothe gate. Like if you took a dog and had it walk on it's hind legs it would sway also. It had no tail and was covered with off white hair all over. A few minuted later I heard the loudest scream or hollar, it sent chills down my spine. And to this day I believe that the sound I heard was the mother calling this young animal.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Neighbor raised Collies and I was alerted by their barking. I lived in a mobile home that was next to a large wooded area and a lake it was 2:30 in the morning. I was awake and got up to see what the dogs were barking about

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: 4 1/2 foot tall, looked maybe 50 lbs guessing, off white hair maybe 2 inches long covering most of it's body. It walked on it's two legs and had two fairly long arms that moved like a man's would when he walked. It's face was flat with small brown eyes. there has been other reports over the years.


Follow up: fa

OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?: There has been other reports over the years.

Report taken and posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Trent Merrifield

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