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 Post subject: (BFE) York County
PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:39 pm 
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MABRC Organizational Member

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York County, South Carolina
Near Fort Mill

The terrain was open hard woods with cornfields on one side cut-over and set pines on the other side.

I have had two encounters with Bigfoot. The first I passed off as a big cat or a really big owl. The second I was standing within 6 foot of it. What I saw was a large human shaped covered with black hair. Extremely large chest and forearm areas. I didn't see a face only a large head out line. Let me explain the whole thing as one directly affects the other. I hunt. You name it, I've hunted it. I've been in the woods all my life. I have never been afraid of anything, ever seen any little green men or UFO's but I have seen Bigfoot. The first time was late October 1999. I was in a deer stand. I got there early and stayed late. didn't see anything as I was about to climb down for the evening I heard a really loud howl, or hoot, something I had never experienced before and it was close. I sat back down trying to figure it out then it did it again. This time closer and this time louder and longer. I thought maybe a panther off the refuge or maybe a big owl.

The next time I tried to figure out its location and shined the only light I had in that direction. A small mini Mag flash lite, but nothing and it went silent. I climbed down quickly and started out. It really let out a howl or whatever then, I turned and fired one round in the general direction of the sound. Then silence again.

Like I said, it was close, 50 yards at the most and more likely thirty yards!

I had close to a half mile walk to my truck, and on the way thinking what in the world could that have been. Never heard anything like that and for sure not that loud. told my brother who studied wild life biology and he seemed to think it was some kind of cat. But I knew better and didn't dare doubt his education. I hunted that location for 4 years more times that year without incident.

Now it's a new season and I'm back in this same location not far from where this event happened. I've been in the stand twice and haven't had any problem-like sounds I couldn't identify. Then it happened. I stayed in the stand late because I hadn't seen any deer and I wanted to see if possibly they had gone nocturnal on me, still nothing. So I started down, untied my rifle, slung it across my shoulder, got my flashlight out of my pouch, turned around and poof out of no where! I had not heard a thing. He, she, it, was standing not 6 feet from me. My light hit it about half way between its privates and its chest. The skin on my face and head got tight and I froze. I could not move. I wanted to look up but I was afraid to make any kind of movement, as it was way too close for me to get my rifle off my shoulder before it would have been on me. I could feel its size and strength in the air. Then it made some kind of movement almost like crossing its arms loosely. I started running backwards as fast as I could and reaching for my gun it made a deep hugging sound and was gone just as fast as it had appeared.

Remember, all this happened in about thirty seconds. There was no bad smell and I haven't been back to see if there are any tracks! I haven't told anyone but I had to tell you. BUT PLEASE, I WANT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

Logged Saturday, October 14, 2000 12:24 PM

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