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 Post subject: (OREGONBIGFOOT)Wyoming County
PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:49 pm 
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MABRC Forum Moderator, MABRC West Virginia State Director
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Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00932

Date: July 04, 1987
Wyoming county, WV

Nearest town: Hanover
Nearest road: Huff Creek Hollar
Conditions: Clear
Time: Night
Location: Exact location confidential.

Description of event: About 20 of my family members and I went up to my great grandpa's property to camp for 4th of July. We do this every year and have two log cabins on the property. There are no houses or even electricity fror miles. After we let off all the fire works, we built up a large fire and all of us kids roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. It was completely dark and the only thing we could really see was a few feet from the fire, and whatever was under the moonlight.

While we all gathered around the fire, my uncle looked down towards the creek which is about 80 yards away and said, "Well, wonder who that is?" We all looked and seen a large black shadow man like thing standing just on the outside of the woods. In the moonlight we could see its silouette and it was no bear, unless the bear in West Virginia are at least 8 ft. tall. My uncle thinking it was a family member or a friend said aloud, "Hey, come on up bud, we got hotdogs and coffee." All the thing did was just stand there, on two legs twisting its head and grunting with a low growl. Now, I personally didnt smell anything, but other family members claim they did. It smelled like urin and a nasty baby diaper. My uncle slowly walked over to the honda civic and open the driver door to get his pistol. "Eh bud, I have a gun and Im comming down there to see who you are." My uncle said again. Well as he and my dad started to walk toward the creek, it picked up a rock or stick or something and threw it at them both. Then it screamed like a woman and ran into the woods. My uncle shot 3 times into the woods but nothing happend. We didnt hear it run through the woods or anything. The scream seamed to be as loud as a train horn. But, after that night, we havent seen or heard anything since. I would not have believed it unless I seen it myself.

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