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 Post subject: BE TAOS COUNTY
PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:26 am 
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MABRC Forum Administrator, MABRC Western Oklahoma State Director, Mid-South Regional Assistant Director
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Taos Pueblo, Taos County, New Mexico
Winter 1976

The New Mexico encounter occurred in the winter of 1976 at a summer youth camp in the mountains above Taos Pueblo. A man I dated was contracted to do repairs to the camp cabins and my brother-in-law was there to assist him. We arrived at the camp around three am and a resident carpenter had built a fire in our cabin earlier in the evening, which had burned nearly out. After unloading, stoking the fire and washing up we settled in to chat before bed. I don't really know what drew me to open the drapes next to the fireplace but I did and there it was, leaning against the rock chimney, a huge black animal/man dimly lit by the light of the room and back-lit by small cracks in the rock chimney. I stared for probably 15 seconds or so and as calmly as I could walk back to the guys and told them what was standing by the chimney. I was laughed at and ignored for a moment then my brother-in-law jumped up and hurried to the window and froze as he stared in shock. He called my Boyfriend to the window but he thought we were playing a joke on him or something then said... "It's a Bear". My Brother -in-law stayed at the window and I joined him staring for a bit discussing in whispers what it was. The wind was blowing lightly and we could see the elbow of this thing that had hair about 4 inches long hanging down which was blown slightly from time to time. It seemed to be warming itself, shifting its weight and pressing against the chimney.

My Boyfriend joined us and kept saying it was a bear until we heard what was the most bone chilling sound... the volume was mind boggling, like a train horn, whistle and it was coming from the center of the camp behind us. We all jumped and moved toward each other as whatever it was sound-blasted for what seemed forever. I turned back to the window and the thing was gone. We all worked frantically to double check the security of the cabin and sat together until morning trying to be quiet.

The resident carpenter arrived at the camp around 10:00 the next day and I told him about what we had seen, he simply said "You saw it" and began to related stories of the Pueblo concerning Bigfoot and a legend of the Cannibal People who came up from Mexico to torment his people (They ate the dead). Seems the medicine chief of this band of cannibals rode upon a hairy Unknown beast.

In Georgia my home is not far from one of the prison camps that once held Cherokee and Creek prior to the forced march to Oklahoma. This is a very long and spiritual story of a medicine wheel near my home and the creatures that traveled to Alatoona lake, passing by my home.... I will write about this later if you wish, but for now I will send some photos of spirits taken at the medicine wheel before and after prayers.

Tsalagi, is our language (an Iroquois dialect). It is pronounced Shaw La Gee and this is where Europeans got the word Cherokee that stuck forever with us. Some believe it was the Spanish with their CH-SH switch who actually propagated this and other believe it was taken from the now extinct coastal dialect within Tsalagi, which had a ra instead of la within it.

Sarah Michelle Price Hansen
March 29, 2005
Filed February 20, 2006

the backwoods Mad Scientist

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