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 Post subject: (GCBRO) Cibola County
PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:54 pm 
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Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Form.

Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On: September 1, 2011

DATE: 10/00/2010

TIME: 3:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M.

LOCATION: Cibola County, New Mexico


OBSERVED: On this day; Someone, something threw a rock amongst us as we cut and loaded precleared firewood. The smell in the area smelled of urine from an animal, like badgers? A substance of white-plaster like-substance were on trees and downed trees, only at this specific area, sort of down a encave like hill, against a fenced area. We notice a downed Pine Log with something we thought was lying under it, ground is hollowed out and a black hairy critter was laying under there. We did not bother it. Later in the evening, we heard sticks tapping together with even sounds as loud as a metal tickling.

Other incident, a neighbor disclosed his finding of a carcass of a cow with all its bones, tucked neatly inside it and folded away under a tree. His idea was someone "butchered a cow and deboned it. Just taking the meat".

Another neighbor did encounter a footprint under his house window, He lives out in this secluded area with no other immediate neighbors. He feels frightened enough to borrow a gun.

Our Cattle is on this open range, range in areas of Lava, secluded and very wooded. We came across; 1. a cow that was appears to have running and chased, his head under his body, as it appears it tripped and died. 2. A dead cow carcass of a young cow, his hoofs, five pieces retrieved and set on top of the old dead carcass. 3. Nest of weeds on the dirt road. 4. Cows that are so easily frightened, they rush to ground ponds and go in and stand in the water. 5. Cows that are so frightened, they tend to fight, spit, bite, and crawl over corrals. 6. Broken trees in the adjacent areas, with no explanations of high wind, broken high with trunks strong and intact. 7. An encounter late one evening, at our main resident near a small community of Xxxxxx, New Mexico, where something came and growled. 8. Same place a year before, everyone asleep, my son heard a low whistle and heavy breathing, late at night. 9. Xxxxx (spouse) heard a rock thrown at the house, sleeping alone late at night, dogs would always bark indicating wild/animal visitors. 10. Many cattle are missing or discovered dead. 11. Very recent incident, August 17,2011, Four people are hired under contract to refence the boundaries of the reservation on the south end. Upon working there late one evening on August 27, 2011, down a canyon, they were alerted by a strange howl and screams, they have never heard it before. "Sounded very close, they ran off with out taking their tools". Next day they had to go back and retrieved their tools.

Additional Info: N/A

Activities of Witness: Working on loading firewood onto a truck and a trailer we left about a mile down the base of the mountain. After the truck load was taken to the base, the trailer was loaded. Seeing more room for other pre sawed pieces we left behind, we decided to go back and quickly load it in the pickup. The witnesses of the stick tapping was left behind in another truck with the trailer, to wait until we return. While waiting, they were tired and momentarily doze off. They were "awakened with the sticks tapping so loud, sounds were even and appeared to sound closer and closer. It started getting darker, even the birds got so quiet, We got scared, wonder what happened to you all, till finally we heard the motor of the truck, you guys coming back".
They appeared frightened and wanted to leave quickly. They avoid going back to the areas especially late in the day.

Description of Creature: On this day of collecting firewood, Xxxxx said, he saw a person-black figure walking in the vicinity. He "was busy handling a chain saw and only concentrating on the cutting". "I thought I saw a person also looking for firewood to pick, He was standing against a tree, however, I did not see a vehicle".
Our collie dog was accompanying us that day, she appeared frightened and unusually shy.

Other Notes: Interesting thing is there is also our sightings and others' sightings of strange lights in the area at certain times of the night. Sometimes it seems like a blue police light flare, others like laser beams and others like village lighting in a distant, where it is very remote and no one lives there. Sometimes we would travel back late at night or worked into the late evenings on cattle in this area. Lately we tend to avoid any activity late at night.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes: Another witness Xxxxx, went to "inspect a dead cow carcass and heard a growl and a scream, was very frightened of the unusual sound, I just crawl back into my truck and took off".

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness added this info: I do want to add a very critical event that took place a couple years back close to this area, approximately 15 miles east, on the Malpaise National forest. Two hikers, father and his 20 yr. old daughter went missing, their car was found at the entrance of the park, rescue personnel went searching and they were never found, until recently their remains were found in a "bat cave". Were they possibly harm by this creature? Another very young boy was separated from his father while they were hunting on the Zuni mountains directly north of the Malpaise forest. He was never located until a year later his remains were found. We are very concerned, uneasy about being near this vicinity and the "creature". We don't have any choice as our cattle is grazed here and we live here. Eventually, we may encounter more contact or unusual sightings. Is this creature related to the strange lights? Another unusual sighting the month of June, in a pasture is a black and a brown- bear-like animals that came to a water dirt pond, they have a young one, Their feet are unusual, white and appears to have a white face. They walk and run on all four feet. We did not get close enough and the rocks make it difficult to track.

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