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 Post subject: (BFRO) Bexar County
PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:10 pm 
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Report # 24529 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, August 18, 2008. Tall hairy figure leans out from behind a tree to observe woman outside San Antonio (Show Printer-friendly Version)

YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 2005

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Bexar County

LOCATION DETAILS: Outside I-10 between the Silverado theatre and Bandera Rd. at the far back of a newly developed housing area with light residential activity. The road that lead through the are had populated houses then unoccupeid houses followed by homes under construction before becoming wooded and finaly getting to the clearing where the trailer was at the bottom of the hill.

NEAREST TOWN: San Antonio; Helotes


OBSERVED: My wife and I had been working as the cleaning crew for a new housing development displaying various model homes on the edge of the city for a couple of months. As part of our contract we were required to clean a trailer used by the construction workers as an office, the trailer itself was at the bottom of a hill at the back of the development with a road coming down to it and turning to the right making a wide U. One night my wife and I had just finished cleaning and were getting ready to load all of our equipment back into our car, when my wife walked out of the trailer carrying supplies and looked off to her right to a shallow clearing near the trailer. She claims she saw a tall hairy figure with a pointed head watching her from behind a tree with Y shaped arms surrounded by small brush in the middle of a small clearing about 25ft. from us. She immediatly froze and watched it for 2-3 min. where she claimed it leaned to the side to look at her from around the tree, she then got upset and ran back in. I was rolling the cord to a vacuum when she told me of what she had seen, we turned off the lights because she felt we were being watched and I walked outside looking at the area she described but saw nothing so we ran to our car which was parked an equal distance in the other direction facing the area and turned on the headlights. We saw nothing when we did so we left the lights on and ran back in to finish locking up and then got back in the car, before we left we turned the car off and sat in the dark for about 10 min. hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever she saw. The following day we showed up early while there was still daylight and looked at the area, we were quite familiar with the immediate area and could not find anything nearby that she could have missidentified, nor did we see anything that may have been placed there the night of, the tree itself was about six feet up untill the arms split, and what she saw was a good shoulder profile. We followed several paths in the area that all lead into a thick wooded area with no housing behind it but found nothing before turning back.

ALSO NOTICED: We have heard strange whistling like birds chirping, not like bats, at odd hours coming from inside the woods seeming to move around us, as well as hearing brush moving.

OTHER WITNESSES: It was my wife who had the sighting, she had been cleaning with me prior to the incident.

OTHER STORIES: A few reportings in the newspaper as well as on websites with locations of reportings.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around midnight, we had a full moon and the sky was clear so everything was illuminated nicely, other than that there was no outside lightning.

ENVIRONMENT: It was a football field sized clearing surrounded by woods with one road leading down to it from atop a hill that turned and went back up. The trailer was next to the road with a smaller clearing on the other side.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Sybilla Irwin:

I spoke with the witness on September 9, 2008. These details can be added:

The couple had been cleaning the office trailer for several hours. During that time they had heard brush popping and movement around the trailer but had attributed it to deer because deer were plentiful in the area. The witness stated that the blinds were open on the windows and on at least two occasions something banged on the side of the trailer. She turned off the vacuum cleaner and they both stood and listened but heard nothing. Then she started it again and it happened a second time. Her husband stepped outside thinking it was possibly a branch banging against the trailer. He returned saying that there were no branches close to the trailer. They continued to work and had nearly completed their cleaning when the witness stepped outside to take trash to the dumpster. The dumpster was twenty five feet from the trailer and the tree where her sighting occurred was five to ten yards away from the dumpster.

The witness had the feeling of being watched so she turned to her right. She looked at the tree and saw a tall silhouetted figure standing behind it, looking at her. She froze in her tracks and stared at it. As she stood there staring at it, it leaned to the right side of the tree to look at her. Terrified, she ran inside the trailer.

The witness could see the top of its head, shoulders and its arms. She estimates the height of the figure to be at least 7ft. She could not see any facial features. She reports that the hair appeared to be black. The hair on its head was relatively short and became longer as it reached the neck and shoulder area. The hair on the arms was three to four inches long. It was shaggy and messy. The body was stocky weighing approximately 350 lbs. There was no odor associated with her sighting.

Before leaving the area they sat in the car and heard a strange chirping or whistling in the bushes. Her husband whistled back and was answered by more whistling. The witness stated this occurred at least four more times along with rustling in the bushes. Her husband got out of the car and investigated but did not see anything.

This area is very close to the Government Canyon State Natural Area, 8622 acres of protected wilderness.

 Post subject: Re: (BFRO) Bexar County
PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:28 pm 
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Report # 43952 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, January 23, 2014.
Fisherman hears possible howl, knocks and has object thrown near him in the Medina River Natural Area
(Show Printer-friendly Version)
YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 22

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Bexar County

LOCATION DETAILS: Incident occurred in the Medina River Natural Area off of Hwy 16.


NEAREST ROAD: Applewhite Rd.

OBSERVED: This occurred after work. I stopped by the park on my way home to try out some new camping equipment. There are two entrances to the park; the main entrance off of Hwy 16 and the one I like because it's more wooded off of Applewhite Rd. Some new trails are being made because of some flooding that occurred in the area last year so there are some trees that have been cut down. One of these trails has a wooden fence with a "No Trespassing" sign on it. I ignored the sign and made my way to the river. I made a small fire and began fishing. While I was fishing I started to hear loud banging. I turned around to see if i could see what was making the noise but saw no one. We do have Woodpeckers but this was no woodpecker. I thought nothing of it and continued fishing. A few minutes went by and I heard a loud moan. Like a wail. Again, I turned to look around and saw no one. I started thinking, "Okay, someone has got to be messing with me." I kept on fishing when out of the corner of my eye something moved and I heard a very loud splash. I did not see what was thrown into the water near me but it was big. A big rock or log is my guess. It made a giant "SPLOOSH". Something threw a BIG something in the water. After that I packed up and made my way back up to the trail. On my way back I heard the wood knocking again and I attempted to reply. I followed the three knocks I heard with three of my own. No reply. The whole time I walked back to my truck I had the feeling I was being watched. I stopped and looked around but saw no one. If someone was there they were well hidden and light on their feet because I didn't even hear footsteps. The area is wooded and there are leaves and branches everywhere so I'm sure I would have heard twigs snapping or leaves rustling if someone was there. When I got back to my truck I saw a jogger and his Lab going for a drink from the broken water fountain. I offered the man some bottled water for him and his dog. He thanked me and I took the opportunity to ask him if he had heard the same knocking or banging I had. He had. He said he and his dog stopped to listen but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. The road/highway divides the park. This man was on one side and I was on the other. This part of the highway doesn't get a lot of traffic so it wasn't traffic I heard. One more thing I think you should know is that this area has a legend called The Donkey Lady. All teenagers in San Antonio know of this legend. It is said if you cross her bridge you will hear her "hooves" pounding the road and things will be thrown at you. This legend has been around for many many years. After what happened yesterday, I'm starting to think Donkey Lady Bridge isn't haunted by a ghost but occupied by something real. I'm not convinced Bigfoot exists because I need to see it but my wife believes and she suggested I report it to you guys. We often go hiking on these trails with our children and she likes to point out, facetiously, Bigfoot nests and food sources. We are an outdoorsy family and we live in the country where at night we hear owls and coyotes and know what predators and their prey live in our area and what noises they make. This was none of those animals.

ALSO NOTICED: I had the feeling I was being watched as I made my way back to my truck.

OTHER WITNESSES: There was a jogger with his Lab I encountered back at my vehicle that heard loud wood-knocking as well.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: The time was 4:30 pm. Weather was 65 and sunny.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area with trails. Medina River runs through the park. A Toyota plant is down the road.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator J D:

I spoke to the witness on April 27, 2014. He explained that the area he was in when the activity occurred was still within the Medina River Natural Area, but was cordoned off with the “No Trespassing” sign. He advised he spoke to personnel about the sign and was told it was to keep people from entering so that portion would remain more natural for the benefit of the wildlife. He also advised he is a long time avid outdoorsman from this area and is very familiar with the wildlife.

Concerning the splash or item being thrown into the river, he said it could not have been a person or animal jumping into the water. He also stated he saw nothing overhanging the water which could have fallen into the river, which is quite narrow.

He said he has been to this area numerous times before and since his report and has not experienced the knocking, howling, or log/rock throwing activity.

The Medina River Natural Area is a 511 acre preserve managed by the city of San Antonio with its stated goal being to protect native plants and animals, and provide “Low-Impact” recreational opportunities. The area is in South San Antonio, which is a mix of South Texas brush and heavily wooded areas of oak and other trees. The rivers in this area are often surrounded by thick vegetation and connect to the coastal and Eastern portions of the state.

About BFRO Investigator J D:

J D has over 20 years experience as a law enforcement officer and attended the 2014 Texas Expeditions.

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