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 Post subject: August 10th-12th, MABRC Mini-Expedition 2018
PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:57 am 
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Haven't got to post about the mini-expedition or even that much about the Memorial Day Expedition. Personally, I am still going through hundreds of hours of audio from May still, but some interesting stuff there. We went back last weekend to the Valley, first night it was Squatchfinder, Rebelson, Cherokee Rose and myself. We went up and set out the recorders and Rebelson's parabolic nearer to the area where my recorder was located at overlooking the settlement area. We then returned to camp after checking out the rock stack experiment from May, in which Rebelson and Jackwagon found some rocks stacked on each other, they added some and something added more. Due to various issues coming up, I wasn't able to go back down and check on it until this last weekend and we discovered another rock had been added, so we added the two in the middle. Hopefully Rebelson can post the other pictures he has of the different rocks being added. That night, a raccoon camp up to the canopy/mosquito net we were sitting under and since we wouldn't feed it, it went down to the creek where something tore into it. Later that night, Cherokee Rose was awoken by a vocalization close to camp (waiting to review the camp recorder to see if it picked it up) and this rattled her enough that she moved to inside the pickup (we had our cots on the trailer underneath the canopy and was sleeping in the open.) Later, I woke up to see a large shadow figure standing in the roadway, not sure what it was, it could have just been a shadow. But then about 4:30 am, I heard heavy bi-pedal footsteps coming through the gravel bar in camp, but couldn't see anything with the thermal, of course the way the vehicles were positioned, I couldn't see much on the other side of camp.

That morning, Rebelson had to head home to attend family events but would be back later that afternoon. Squatchfinder, Cherokee Rose and I all headed into town to eat breakfast and get some ice and other supplies.

When we returned to the valley, it was decided to actually camp that night inside the valley, so we went in and set up camp and basically hunkered down for most of the day there listening as the heat was too much to do any exploring.

That evening, Rebelson made it back along with CompresserMike who showed up for a little while and brought some of his popsicles he makes and sells, let me say this, I hope he brings a lot to the Symposium, because they were pretty tasty.

We built a small fire just for light that evening, and visited a while, but the heat had pretty much drained everyone, so it was decided to just let the recorders do the work and see if the locals would come into the camp that night.

About 2 AM, Cherokee Rose had sinus issues and couldn't sleep on the pallets we made on the trailer, so she moved to the truck so she could sit up and breath better, so as I laid there for a while, it sounded like something was coming down the trail between the trailer and Rebelson's vehicle and trailer. As I raised up to use the thermal, I discovered that the humidity on the mosquito net had made it impossible for the thermal to see through it like it had the previous night. This made me realize I couldn't see anything around me, so I moved to the truck and put the window down so I could scan the area on occasion with the thermal and be able to see our surroundings better.

We got up the next morning at first light, and bid farewell to Squatchfinder who headed home, while Rebelson, Cherokee Rose and I went to collect the recorders and parabolic and to check the rock stacks to see if anything had changed.

Nothing had been changed so we packed up and all headed home.

I was going to go back out there today (saturday) to check the rock stacks, but the last few days, the rain has made the creek rise enough to not be able to cross, if it doesn't rain that much this week, I will go out there next saturday and check.

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