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 Post subject: Re: BFRO WARREN COUNTY
PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:31 pm 
MABRC Forum Administrator, MABRC Western Oklahoma State Director, Mid-South Regional Assistant Director
MABRC Forum Administrator, MABRC Western Oklahoma State Director, Mid-South Regional Assistant Director
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Report # 2405 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 06, 2001. Dusk sighting on shoreline of Lake George at Deer Leap
YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Spring

DATE: Spring

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Warren County

LOCATION DETAILS: Just south of the Tongue Mt.Lookout on Route 9N.

NEAREST TOWN: Sabbath Day Point


OBSERVED: My brother and I were canoeing on Lake George, in N.Y state at about sunset. We headed south for 10 minutes to an area known as Deer Leap. At lake side it is a boulder strewn area with cliffs rising 600 feet above the shoreline. As we were begining to come on to this area we saw something standing on shore. It was brownish in color and standing straight up with it's arms at it's side. It was about the size of a small man and very thin. Its body was facing south, looking down the shorline when it suddenly turned its head directly towards us and looked very intently. We whispered to each other and watched it while it watched us. We were 2 grown men paddling parallel to the shore and about 200 feet out but we could not summon up the courage to go in closer. This thing had a strange look, almost a crazed grin. Like a giant Lemur. The sun was set now as we continued to watch it in the shadows of the mountain. As it was standing next to an old, dead pine tree, it turned and climbed, sloth-like up the tree about 20 feet to the first and only large limb and onto the crook of a branch. We paddled back around and as we approached it again cocked its head directly at us, after a minute or so it turned its face downward into its body and became as if it were a part of the tree. Just a lump on the crook of the branch. You would not know it was there unless you saw it move. I have been in this area all my life and have never seen anything like this and have not seen it since.
In my searchings I have found reference to a creature found in the woods of New Hampshire. Back in the 30's they called it the "Wood devil or Stick Men". The one thing incommon is they are able to blend into trees to avoid being seen.

ALSO NOTICED: It did not make any sounds.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses, 30 and 35 years old . Canoeing. Swimming.

OTHER STORIES: I have not heard of another story like this one but I did submit a "bigfoot sound" report that I heard near this location back in 92 and 93.
Also there is mentioned way back in the 1700's, in a report by Roger and his Rangers that "as they were traveling in Vermont from an attack on a French Fort in Canada, they were followed by a thing they called Old Slippery Skin ( a skinny thing) which threw rocks and branches down on them from the ridges above the valley floor they were traveling on. It did't make much of an impression on them , it seemed to be just a pest.


ENVIRONMENT: Boulders, lakeside. towering cliffs near by deep water and pine trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Withers:

The witness described the animal as about five feet tall and extremely skinny, like "a teenaged boy." It appeared to be covered with reddish brown hair and had a pale face, expressive eyes and mouth, and a "deranged" smile or smirk on its face. Unlike a bear, its arms were long and it lacked a pronounced snout.

The witness supplied these two drawings:
2405a.jpg [ 11.88 KiB | Viewed 1021 times ]

2405b.jpg [ 14.19 KiB | Viewed 1021 times ]

When it first spotted them, it turned its head and looked down its shoulder at them. It was standing ten to fifteen feet away from a dead pine tree that was about thirty-five feet tall and devoid of pine needles; the lowest branch was about fifteen feet above the ground.

Once the witnesses had passed the animal and turned their aluminum canoe around, it had already begun climbing the tree. It was ten feet up the trunk near the lowest branch, moving slowly like a sloth. It crawled onto the branch and moved its head to look at them again. Then it tucked its chin down into its chest and appeared to blend in with the reddish brown bark on the tree. The witness said that, once it blended into the tree, "The shape didn't have any definition to it."

The witness described it again to me in writing: "As soon as it put it's head down into it's underbelly, it looked like a large bump on the branch. If you hadn't seen it move it's head you would not know it was anything but a large branch. When it bent over on the branch blending in with the bark of the tree, it's fur had a pine bark look too."

During this sighting the witness felt no fear, however he did feel that there was a "boundary line," or a certain area between him and the animal that should not be encroached upon.

The witness' brother was contacted and he corroborated his brother's story, although his recollection of the sighting was not as detailed. He said that the creature was about four feet tall, and both sloth-like and orangutan-like in appearance, although he did not see its face. He doesn't remember seeing the creature standing on the shore before it climbed the tree; nor does he remember seeing it tuck its head down and "blend in" with the tree as his brother did.

According to the witness, several years later two girls, one of which is a lifeguard at a nearby YMCA camp, saw something they called "Monkey Boy" jumping on and off a wall. Attempts to locate and contact these witnesses have thus far been unsuccessful.

Update 11/7/2009: Another witness may have seen the same or another one of these creatures. See the email sent to the BFRO below. [Mike Aragona, BFRO Investigator New Jersey]

To whom it concerns: My girlfriend told me of an experience she had at Lake George 11 years ago when she saw a "monkey boy" at Lake George. I immediately searched for "monkey boy lake george" and found your case #2405:http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=2405 The description there is a striking match with her story, and in the same area. In fact, she worked at Silver Bay (the "YMCA camp" referenced in the report) and that is where she had her sighting. Her physical description is downright identical to the one provided by the witnesses in #2405. She saw the picture in the report and said, "That's him." The one difference is that she remembers the animal having a short tail. She doesn't want to contact you but I told her I would anyway. There's even a chance that she is one of the two girls mentioned in your report in reference to the YMCA camp, though her experience did not occur with another girl but with her boyfriend at the time.

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 Post subject: Re: BFRO WARREN COUNTY
PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:24 pm 
Chief Forum Administrator/MABRC Executive Director
Chief Forum Administrator/MABRC Executive Director
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Report # 59838 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, August 13, 2018.
Motorist sighting at night approx 2 miles from NY/VT state line outside Whitehall
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YEAR: 2018

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August


STATE: New York

COUNTY: Warren County

LOCATION DETAILS: US Route 4, one mile West of the Big Apple Diner. Whitehall, NY.



OBSERVED: Witness received a text message from a friend at 10pm. He needed vehicle assistance. As he was driving Eastbound, towards Vermont, on US 4, he noticed a "Log" on the side of the road where the white line is. Witness then noticed a second log next to the other. He then realized it was a black haired creature, approximately 6 foot tall, 2.5-3 foot wide shoulders. No neck, the hair from the head went down to the shoulders. He only saw the back of the creature, he did not see the face or front. As he approached, he saw it step over a side railing about 3 feet high with little effort and descend into the woods towards a high power line. He had to continue to assist his friend.

The next day he contacted a local Whitehall Bigfoot researcher Paul Bartholomew whom visited the site with the witness and took plaster casts of the two footprints on the side of the road.

ALSO NOTICED: Small trees pushed aside to form a small tunnel into the woods. Solar Farm Across the street. Bigfoot headed south towards power lines through the woods.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10:10 pm on a road crossing, very dark. No moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Thick forests on both sides of the road. Rolling hills. Road was elevated.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mike Young:

I spoke with the witness for over an hour in Whitehall, that Friday. I have a recording of the interview. I have photos of the area and photos of the plaster casts and forest. He answered the questions confidently and would tell me if he could not answer a specific detail.

I spoke with the researcher for close to an hour as well later that evening, he showed me the casts and other casts he had made in the Whitehall area.

I find them both to be honest and reliable.

A relative of the witness saw me in Whitehall, knowing I have gone on expeditions with the BFRO, he immediately put me in contact with the witness.

Additional details:

- The witness "John" is the Father of the owner of Champ's campground "Sal" in Whitehall.

- Paul Bartholomew put the photos of the casts on his Facebook page.

- Several people have reported this already on their Blogs.

https://thefortean.com/2018/08/15/a-big ... -new-york/


About BFRO Investigator Mike Young:

Mike Young has attended several BFRO expeditions in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. He is an IT security professional and lives in Connecticut


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