2017 Conference Speaker, Debi Jones


Debi Jones is a mother of 3 and a true country girl and native Texan.   Hailing from the small community of Malta, Texas, she spent many a day playing with her cousins in the woods of Fouke, Arkansas.    Living only 40 minutes from the legendary  Boggy Creek, she always  knew about the Fouke Monster but didn't know it was actually a Bigfoot until many years later.   At age 14,  while hanging Christmas lights, both she and her dad heard 3 frightening screams that they had never before heard  and would most certainly never forget.   That moment began her fascination with the Creature.  She has been an avid investigator on the subject since that experience and has actively researched  the animal for several years.   Her areas of research cover East Texas, Lousiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Northern California and she just returned after spending Labor Day Weekend on Mt Hood in Oregon.   In January of 2016, while on an expedition in North East Texas,  she met and formed a close kinship with the other ladies that make up the All Female Research Team, Sisters  of  the Moon.    Their primary research is done in Oklahoma, but have upcoming research trips scheduled in Texas and Lousiana.

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