2017 Conference Speaker, Henri Edge

Raised in southeastern Okla, small town of Soper.  Her grandfather was a farmer, logger, saw miller, hauled gravel, and he always had cattle.   She was his shadow.  

The land, he had for running cows, was located along the Muddy Boggy Creek.

Starting with his 2 daughters, 3 generations were all girls.  Grandfather had to use what he had & She loved every minute of it.  She was at home being outside, in the woods.

When she was a freshman in high school, myself, her grandfather, her dad, an uncle & one other member of the family, were squirrel hunting, on one of her grandfather's places.  

They were on our way back to the vehicles,  they were parked, maybe 200 yards away.  They had to walk past this small pond & her grandfather said "let's see if any ducks come in".  

They were almost past the pond, & she thinks this was a factor in what happened.   Serious right hand turn, she walked around to the farthest end of the pond & she walked up on something that was already there.

She sat perfectly still for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, when she heard something maybe 30' behind me, the 1st step was at her 8 o'clock the second at her 6, the length of the stride on these steps, whatever it was , it had to be gigantic.

Her loaded shotgun was of no use, she didn't turn around, she didn't move.

She was terrified.

She said nothing to anyone, until, she was in college at Southeastern.  She happened to become good friends with a girl, who worked at the Nature Center at Beavers Bend.   She told her the story.  

She didn't say wow, that's scary, wonder what it was, like others she had told,  she nonchalantly, said "Sounds like a Bigfoot, to me."

Her mouth fell open, at last, after 6 or 7 years she had an answer.

She moved to the big city after graduating from Southeastern, and was gone for 25 years.  She never forgot her experience.

Then for health reasons, her's & her mother's she moved home.

She officially retired & kept her mother company until she passed, & she found myself with plenty of time on her hands, and the need to find what it was, that had haunted her all my adult life.

Then she found the MABRC.  "Everything I've learned, every sighting I have had, is due to the members, unselfish sharing of the hard work they've done.  I've said it a thousand times, I hope I have the wisdom, to use, all I've learned


Then, I was so fortunate, to meet & bond with other women, who, like me, suffer from the same addiction.  Slapped a name on ourselves, and the  Sisters of the Moon, came to be."

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