Symposium 2017 Brochure

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Map to CC Camp

Set in the heart of Bigfoot Country in Adair County, CC camp is the new home for the Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium, with the majestic view of the surrounding woods and hills, the setting is ideal for the discussion of Bigfoot in a relaxed atmosphere.

While this moves the Symposium out into the country, it's still easy to find, by following the directions given here.  

From the Stilwell Wal-Mart, drive south on Oklahoma Hwy 59 for 5 miles, turn to the right on Salem Road as shown on the map below.


Once on Salem Road, drive 2.4 miles, and you will see the CC Camp Entrance on the right.  An Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium sign will be at the entrance.  

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MABRC Senior Researcher Promotion 2013

After years of being a Junior Field Researcher, the MABRC decided to promote Izzy "Goose" Gutierrez to Senior Field Researcher as his field experience matches many in the Bigfoot Community.  Congratulations to Goose on his promotion.

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Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium 2017

Image above is copyrighted by the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium and Robert Swain.  All rights reserved.

The dates have been announced, Sept. 30, to Oct. 1, 2017 in Stilwell, Oklahoma for the 2017 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium.  We will be posting the exact location it will be held in just a few days, as the Stilwell Community Building has simply not been big enough for us to hold the event at anymore.  So stay tuned to this page for all the updates.

Current speakers so far:

Lyle Blackburn, Author Website

Mike Hall, Actor, co-star of Something in the Woods  Website

Robert Swain, Author, Cartoonist and Bigfoot Researcher, current Director of the APES Bigfoot Research Group.  Website

Kerri Martin, Debi Jones, Henri Edge, Members of Sisters of the Moon, an all-female research group.

Randy Savig, Missouri State Director of the MABRC

Jim Whitehead, Western Oklahoma State Director of the MABRC

Mark Newbill, Director of BEAST, (Bigfoot Evidence Analysts: Sawdustt Team)

And more to come.


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2013 MABRC Researcher of the Year Award Ceremony

At the 2013 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium, the MABRC announced their first ever Researcher of the Year, it was Randy "Rebelistic" Savig, the event was recorded by MABRC Researcher Dave "Therealsuperdave" Jett for us.  Thanks to both men for all that they do for the MABRC and Bigfoot Research.

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