Stone Hollow Tenkiller Cabins

Stone Hollow Tenkiller Cabins has offered special pricing on their cabins during the symposium this year and we welcome them for being so hospitable to those who may be traveling quite the distance to come to the symposium.

Per Elliot Kelley the owner, here are the details.

There are 5 cabins available. The largest is Hunters House, a 2 story, 980 sf, complete kitchen with full sized fridge and range, 2 queen beds, bath and sleeper sofa. Linens, kitchen utensils are provided. Normal summer rate is $130 per night. Special Bigfoot rate is $75.00. There are 3 smaller cabins, Bluebird Cottage, Redbird Cottage, and Hoot Owl Cottage. Each is approx. 400 sf, with sleeping lofts. Baths, linens, fridge, hot plates in each. Normal rate: $75 per night. Special Bigfoot rate: $50 per night.

The last one is Beaver Lodge, a 2-story with balcony, approx 500sf, queen bed, kitchen, fridge, bath, linens. All are fully furnished including kitchen utensils. Regular rate: $100 per night. Special Bigfoot rate: $60 per night. 

Make your reservations now by calling 405-850-2178

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