Scott Plowman/Don Stockton Bios

Scott Plowman, MABRC Missouri Co-State Director, and co-founder of the MABRC's Missouri Ape Project.  

Early on in his horse training career,  Scott became more interested in why certain techniques were effective then how to just perform those maneuvers ... This led to a lifelong quest to understanding the behavioral and bio-mechanical aspects of animals in training to create a different level of understanding in the cause and affect of training focusing on those areas..

He and his wife developed The Breakthrough Perspective ( a 12 step program for improving your relationship with your horse) from those studies and techniques!

Scott got involved in Bigfoot research after an encounter in 2005..

He is currently applying the philosophies he learned as a horse trainer, to developing a program of interaction and study with the North American Great Ape!

Don Stockton, MABRC Missouri Co-State Director, and is a co-founder of the MABRC's Missouri Ape Project with 20+ years of research experience whose specialty is the construction and utilization of homemade parabolic microphones for recording audio. Don is very active in field research in Missouri and collaborates openly with members of many organizations.

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